Moscow Junior Championships, 1-4 Sep 2020


Dec 23, 2014
I’m so glad Veronica zhilina had a good free skate she look scared to death in the short as well as akatieva in the short... but is me but none of these girls look like they’re havin fun except elizaveta best.. she the only one to
Show any facial expression.... ya would think with all that training that someone would have caught those details... good event tho!!! What’s next for Russia ?? I can’t wait to see adelia petrosyan(injury in heard??) ... does anyone have any news on elena k(little dynamo) or lubov rubstova (is she still With eteri?)


On the Ice
Jan 22, 2004
Sofia Akatieva 210?
Veronika Zhilina 196.92
Elizaveta Berestovskaya 195.52
Maria Zakharova 184.35
Sofia Muravyova 186.81
Natalia Lagutova 165.59
Kamila Sultanmagomedova 164.10
Maria Baramonova 163.45
Yana Liventseva 155.90
Anastasia Morozova 155.18
Elizaveta Medvedeva 153.30
Sofia Vazhnova 151.04
Anastasia Zinina 150.90
Violetta Filonets 145.20
Olga Nikonorova 145.11
Salma Agamova 139.68
Maria Kryzhova 139.14
Veronika Peterimova 130.11
Julia Filimonova 126.65
Yulia Algazinai 113.97
Sofia Sarnovskaya 112.20
Anastasia Ryabokon 112.08
Irina Manaenkova 108.02


Record Breaker
Oct 20, 2017
Maria Z and Natalia L were my favorites that I had never seen before. I am really impressed and I hope to see them both soon.


Final Flight
Apr 29, 2018
No one’s going to talk about how 12 year old Mark Lukin came 4th, very close to 3rd, behind 17 year olds? The kid skates like a senior. Yes, he had the same old troubles with the quad and the Euler combo in the second half, but he landed some beautiful quads in the warmup. He really knows how to carry himself on the ice and he has awesome expression and musicality.