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My OD Review


Wicked Yankee Girl
Jul 26, 2003
Since the OD was only covered on IN, and the quality live was dreadful, I thought some of you might like a review of the OD, so here's mine. If you like it, please post a comment. If you'd like other sections of the competition reviewed, please tell me, and I'll give it a try. Teams are listed in the order they skated.

Here's Elvin Walkers report on the OD for goldenskate. You have to scroll down to find it.

Charlotte Maxwell and Nick Traxler
Coach: Pierre Panayi Choreographer: Natalia Linichuk
OD: Charleston, slow foxtrot from the musical/film Chicago (1920's)

Their twizzles a bit out of unison, but otherwise they made no huge errors, but had no huge highlights either. They seemed very happy with their skate, but it seemed rather slow for a Charleston to me. And their arms weren't airplane enough like. "Flappers" were called flappers because of the flapping nature of the dance.

He performed in a short-sleeved black shirt with a red stripe around each sleeve. He also had red suspenders and black pants. She had black net stockings, red beads, a thin black/red head band, and a black bra . The rest of the costume was a peculiar black article with a black rag skirt. It appears to be a peignoir. The alternative explanation for its appearance is that someone tore her clothes off. There was an illusion cutout below the bra. The back of her costume had red criss crossed laces that echoed the back cross of his suspenders. Her hair kept Theda Bara-ing into her eyes, which is 1920's appropriate but very distracting for her, I'm sure.

10th in the segment

TES 26.59 PCS 18.51 OD score 45.10

STw4 4.70 0.07 4.77
Sp4 4.70 -0.14 4.56
DiSt3 7.20 0.00 7.20
CuLi4 4.00 0.00 4.00
MiStNt3 6.20 -0.14 6.06
Li+TRANS 0.00

Clare Farrell and Charles Fishpaw
Coach and Choreographer: Linichuk and Karponosov

OD: Baby, It's Cold Outside & something that sounds like "China Cruise" (Foxtrot, 1944)

Baby, It's Cold Outside is a great choice for this OD, but the "China Cruise" piece refers to TV and has nothing much to do with the concept of 20's, 30's or 40's.

They have a very nice section where he leans back in a spread eagle against her, and a nice spread eagle lift. They seemed a bit faster than Maxwell and Traxler.

She has a little bright red dress costume with spaghetti straps and a scoop neckline and a trainlike back. It's lined in royal blue and the train flips up and down showing large blue reveals. Unfortunately she also has a huge royal blue ribbon and huge bow around her waist. It makes her look like a badly wrapped package. This appearance is made worse by the fact that the skirt is split up to the bow. He has red, blue and black pinstriped pants, a white long-sleeved business shirt, a red tie and a vest with large magenta splotches on it on either side of the centerline.

11th in the segment

TES 23.52 PCS 17.59 Total Od Score 41.11

STw3 4.00 -0.07 3.93
2 CiSt2 6.40 -0.43 5.97
Sp3 4.00 0.00 4.00
MiStNt2 5.40 -0.14 5.26
SlLi4 4.00 0.36 4.36
Li+TRANS 0.00

Lauren Corry and Alexander Lorello

Coach and Choreographer: Alexsandr Kirsanov, Christy Moxley

OD Pennsylvania 6-5000 and String of Pearls by Glenn Miller (Big Band/Swing 1940)

The Pennsylvania 6-5000 is pretty decent, but the String of Pearls parts was very generic ice dance. She broke at the waist and stumbled a bit in one of the footwork sequences. She had a lot of gratuitous shoulder shaking in a low straight line lift.. They did a cartwheel lift to end.

His costume is more Lennie and Squiggy from Laverne and Shirley (1950's) than it is Glenn Miller, with huge floppy lapels crossed with a pep jacket looks in black and blue.
She has a skirt in pale pink and lavender panels with a lavender scrunchy rag in her hair and looks rather than a nylon net scrubby at your sink. The top is lavender and has this year's obligatory illusion fabric patch over the midriff.

12th in the segment.

TES 23.26 PCS 16.24 OD Score 39.50

Although they got some good levels, the judges did not like anything they did all that well, and particularly got slammed in the midline step (level 1, low GOE)

Skill Base GOE Score
DiSt2 6.40 0.14 6.54
STw4 4.70 -0.21 4.49
Sp4 4.70 0.14 4.84
MiStNt1 4.60 -1.00 3.60
SlLi4 4.00 -0.21 3.79
Li+TRANS 0.00

Kellene and Jonathan Harris
Coaches: Patti Gottwin's group. Choreographers: Trina Pratt and Tom Dickson. I would think it is not a good idea to ask your direct competitors choreograph for you.

OD: Girls, Girls, Girls (quickstep) by Sailor

She's in a black dress with the front left open to reveal a magenta sequined bra and with a bedazzled pattern to look like a wide belt. Her hair is what used to be called 'bottle blonde', channelling Marilyn Monroe is Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. He is also in a state of semi undress with his bow tie untied, a white shirt, suspenders and black pants.

They are a new pair and are thinking their way through everything. She got off axis in the pair spin and they narrowly avoided keeling over. The first half of twizzles were rough and the second half worse. Still for their very first competitive OD, they were not noticeably worse than the other bottom 4 teams in the field.

15th and last in the segment:

TES 16.56 PCS 14.81 OD Score 31.37
The judges did not like anything about this dance, with the exception of the straight line lift.

Skill Base, GOE, Score
MiStNt1 4.60 -1.00 3.60
STw2 3.50 -1.00 3.50
SlLi4 4.00 -0.14 3.86
Sp1 3.00 -1.00 2.00
CiSt1 5.60 -1.00 4.60

Emma Cyders and Ievgenii Krasniak
Coach and Choreographer Oleg Epstein
OD: Music by Scott Joplin

I can't help it. This OD is a total trip. I had heard that dance is the vertical expression of a horizontal idea, but I didn't think the horizontal idea was swimming! And yet the whole concept of this dance is very appropriate for the 1920's when going to beach in the summer was very trendy.

Here's a photo that could have been the inspiration for Emma's costume:
And Ievgenii's

Emma had an odd blue bathing cap with a flower and a white strap, not to mention swim googles and a sleeveless top in blue with 3 orange/white blue vees. Ievgenii's suit had blue knee length tightly fitted liederhosen with white and blue horizontally striped stockings. He also had a blue and white horizontal striped shirt.

They begin their routine with their arms posed the way children do before they dive in. They start out making breaststroke motions. Their curve lift was quite good, if rather short. Their twizzles were not good. They breast stroke off into a Charleston spin She swims off, and they hit their final poses. She squeezes water out of her suit, he knocks water out of his ears, she twice blows water out of her nose.. Charming but not well skated. They dry off with towels in the Kiss and Cry.

It's the first time I've ever seen nose blowing included as a choreographic flourish. They aren't last!

14th in the segment:

TES 19.90 PCS 16.41 36.31 for OD

The judges actually gave the curved lift positive GOE and didn't totally hate the spin.

MiStNt1 4.60 -0.29 4.31
CuLi4 4.00 0.43 4.43
STw2 3.50 -0.79 - 2.71
Li+TRANS 0.00
Sp3 4.00 -0.29 3.71
DiSt1 5.60 -0.86 4.74

Madison Hubbell and Kieffer Hubble
Coach and Choreographer: Yasa Netchaeva and Iouri Tschesnitchenko
OD: Minnie the Moocher (Blues 1931)
Here's their lift

Madison has a long sleeved red top with a bare midriff with a black lace bra, including its straps, peeking out and a rather plain red skirt with black panties under it and a black belt with a rectangular silver buckle. This costume does not say blues nor 1930's/1940's. The whole program is to Minnie the Moocher, so I would expect to see her look like a lowdown hoochy kootcher (belly dancer in a mid 20th century carnival) with a fondness for experimenting with drugs.

Like this:

She looks more a minor league football cheerleader 2000 than hoochy coochy girl 1940.

Kieffer has on a dark gray shirt with black pants and black suspenders. He doesn't look like Smokey who's cokey or like the King of Sweden either.

Here's what Smokey should probably look like:
a zoot suiter
or the young Cab Calloway
or a zoot suiter Zoot Suit.jpg

And I can't say I'm that crazy about this dance for them. They just look too US Midwest for Minnie.
However, their initial lift goes up and around impressively fast, with her ending up lying flat like a board across his knee with him applying leverage to her feet to keep her there. The spin is a bit slow and a bit juniorish somehow (good juniorish, but juniorish.) Her sit position in it isn't wonderful) However, I liked that when they were doing the midline not touching steps, they do a really quick changes of direction back across the midline with the turn just beautifully timed at the end of the musical phrases. She has nearly as good extension and toepoint as Emily Samuelson, and that seems to be a trademark of Netchaeva's students. The twizzles were completed at level 4, but didn't have great unison. There is a very snappy choctaw into a twizzle in the circular footwork that I really liked.

OTOH, Netchaeva seems to have no clue about either costumes or dance character for these 20's, 30's and 40's dances. Probably she isn't old enough :grin:

Fourth in the segment.

TES 30.58 PCS 23.93 OD Score 54.51

SlLi4 4.00 0.93 4.93
Sp4 4.70 0.50 5.20
MiStNt3 6.20 0.71 6.91
STw4 4.70 0.64 5.34
CiSt3 7.20 1.00 8.20
Li+TRANS 0.00

Lynn Kriengkrairut and Logan Giuletti Schmitt
Coach and Choreographer: Yasa Netchaeva and Iouri Tschesnitchenko
OD: Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, Linger (just a small section) Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy- Boogie Woogie 1940's

He's wearing an army enlisted man's uniform with a black tie. She has on his hat, and has another long sleeved bare midriff top, similar to Madison Hubbell's, but this time in a splotchy black and gray pattern . It is made to look like a camouflage shirt with the ends tied up in knot just under her bust. She had a black miniskirt with a slit on one side.

In the midline step, they just don't manage the sharp turn across the midline at the ends of the phrase that the Hubbells did, and it looked a little stumbly and out of unison.. Plus I am beginning to get irritated at all the high kicks to demonstrate how all these Netchaeva students can point their little toes. The twizzles were quite good, done while they are saluting. On the whole, a very workman like skate. And they got some boogie woogie dance feel into the performance. Good on them.

8th in the segment

TES 27.43 PCS 21.49 OD Score 48.92
MiStNt2 5.40 -0.43 4.97
STw4 4.70 0.29 4.99
SlLi4 4.00 0.50 4.50
CiSt3 7.20 0.86 8.06
Sp4 4.70 0.21 4.91
Li+TRANS 0.00

Jessica Perino and William Avila
OD: Baby, Let's Talk it Over (Blues 1930's)

There's no doubt that this is a 1930's Depression blues number. She's in a yellow and blue flour-sack shirtwaist dress over a blue one piece underwear (the dress is see through).. He's in a white long sleeved undershirt with overalls with a single shoulder strap and a blue bandana sticking out of his back pocket.

Yes the single strap overall is a correct 1930's usage:
According to Mark Corwin, the birth of USI's unique bibs is similar to my own experiences with overalls. One day a Missouri farmer who was wearing overalls while tending to his fields made an interesting discovery when, out of frustration, he unhooked one of his straps and continued working through the day with no problems from the other strap falling or restricting his arm movement. Amazingly, this gentleman decided to improve the everyday work clothes that many of our ancestors have worn, working the land and making America what it is today; thus Using Britches (USI's for short) came to be.
Their rotational lift was nice and quick and she was in a nice variant of a split position. Up until the twizzles (which they really messed up) this was a simple but effective blues number, and they were expressing it well.

Actually I quite liked it. There was something authentic about it. However, their skating is definitely bottom 5 here.

13th in the segment:

TES 21.10 PCS 17.74 OD Score 38.84

SP2 3.50 -0.14 3.36
RoLi4 4.00 0.50 4.50
DiSt2 6.40 -0.29 6.11
MiStNt2 5.40 -0.14 5.26
STw1 3.00 -1.13 1.87

Jennifer Wester and Daniil Barantsev
Coach and Choreographer: Angelika Krylova and Pasquale Camerlengo
OD: Too Darn Hot by Cole Porter

She's wearing a red dress made of layers of fringes with spaghetti straps and a single red glove on her right hand. He has a pinstripe suit, where the pinstripes seem to be made with small sequins, a white shirt and a red tie. She makes their costumes.

The twizzles were awkward and not in unison. The lift was quite neat with him in a spread eagle and her flipping one way and then the other, quite quickly. They really had problems with the dance spin. It started to travel and they had to stop spinning. She did a hitchkick in one of the footwork steps that looked more Texas hoedown than 1940's.

He hurt his back, and they withdrew from the competition.

9th in the segment.


STw3 4.00 -0.29 3.71
SlLi4 4.00 0.50 4.50
DiSt3 7.20 0.57 7.77
Sp2 3.50 -0.29 3.21
MiStNt3 6.20 0.14 6.34
Li+TRANS 0.00

Meryl Davis and Charlie White
Coach and Choreographer: Igor Shpilband and Marina Zoueva
OD: Happy Feet and Original 20's Piano Composition by Joe Laduke

The silver hat is gone and she has a magenta feather and a clip in place of it; it looks much better than the hat.
You will note from this cartoon on the cover of Life of the Charleston that Charlie's collar and white bow tie are just perfect. This also shows you how the wild legs swings should look (slightly exaggerated here)

Here's some vintage flapper dresses (The feather and clip in the hair bob was common)

This is a very difficult and unforgiving dance., and they have not done it perfectly all season, not just the disaster in CoR, but they manage to simulate looking relaxed. They walk on in character, a 1920's couple off to go clubbing. Meryl is chewing gum ( a "new" 1920's craze and I swear I can see a beaded handbag, but she doesn't have one. The dance starts, and there are no real resting or posing places till the very end. If they ever get off the music, there's no way to get back. They have great 1920's character, flapping arms, including the squared elbows, squared off hands, swinging legs, little jumps, and their pair spin is particularly nice. They swoop into it, have really good speed of rotation and dance in and out of it, so that looks organic to the dance. I still don't care for the lift with Meryl scrambling her legs at the end of it. It may be in character, but it looks untidy. The end transition lift is a little slower than usual, and they hit their final pose a little late to the music, although it's hard to tell, given the problems IN has had synchronizing the video and audio portions of the broadcast. The twizzle is down to level 3 because they didn't complete 4 on the second set when they reached the right part of the music, so they stopped twizzling. They weren't throwing themselves as fast into that twizzle as back at SC and CoR, and given their problems at COR, I can see why.

When they came off the ice, Igor (who applauded enthusiastically after the dance through their entire set of bows, while looking as proud as a chicken with its first egg) said, "It's all you Meryl." Then he shook hands with Charlie and said something like you finally did the dance.

Some couples have danced well, and some couples have hit the character and interpretation. D&W have checked off both boxes, but they believe that they can do this better, and so do I. But not much better.

TES 32.16 PCS 29.77 OD Score 61.93

STw3 4.00 1.00 5.00
DiSt3 7.20 1.71 8.91
Sp4 4.70 0.64 5.34
MiStNt3 6.20 2.00 8.20
SlLi4 4.00 0.71 4.71
6 Li+TRANS 0.00

Emily Samuelson and Evan Bates
OD Follow the Fleet (Irving Berlin, Let Yourself Go) Swing/Lindy Hop 1940's
Coach and Choreographer: Yasa Netchaeva and Iouri Tschesnitchenko

Evan's in a enlisted sailor's uniform, including the dixie cup hat, except the tie is red. Emily has on a basic red dress, backless, with a very deep vee neckline and lapels, She also has a wide red headband and red gloves, which may not be such a great idea from the point of view of making sure your grip doesn't slip. She also has thick round black garters on her stockings, which is era-appropriate.

There was a messup with their music and they had to get it straightened out with the ref. "Emily and Evan if you would just relax for one moment" comes over the loudspeaker. Then they are reintroduced.
They have better speed than anyone except Meryl and Charlie and nice musicality. The twizzles were nice and quick, but not in perfect unison, but very good. The transitions in the lift were not that snappy. They are not letting themselves go. In fact, they couldn't be much tighter if you stretched them out double size. Unfortunately, that's not the right mood for this particular song. I'm a bit surprised their dance spin got level 4 as it seemed to travel and run out of steam at the end. Evan has a lovely sit position in it, though The choreography has a huge number of kicks, displaying their gorgeous extension, but since 2 previous Netchaeva couples have done the same thing (plus the Midline step with the quick switch back at the end of the musical phrase, this starts to look a bit recycled. Worse, the Hubbells did this midline step better.) The Midline step gets level two (they put a foot down before completing the requirements for level4.) Consequently, the whole program died a bit at the end, which made the difference between S&B and D&W a bit wider. They finish up with a flourish of tap dancing. In some ways, the posing tap dance parts are the best part of the program overall. And it is a nice program.

Second on the segment.

TES 30.29 PCS 26.68 OD Score 56.97
STw4 4.70 1.00 5.70
SlLi4 4.00 0.79 4.79
CiSt3 7.20 1.00 8.20
Sp4 4.70 0.50 5.20
MiStNt2 5.40 1.00 6.40
Li+TRANS 0.00

Kimberley Navarro and Brent Bommentre
OD: Hey Pachuco (Swing/Lindy Hop aimed at 1943) and Why Don't You Do Right? (1936 Blues)
I don't think these two numbers fit together particularly well, certainly not well enough to justify mixing decades.

Coach: Robbie Kaine and Cheryl Demkowski Snyder
Choreographer: Louis van Amstel (a dance, not a skating, choreographer) from Dancing with the stars.

Brent is wearing a standard business suit (in keeping with the Why Don't You Do Right theme). Kim is wearing a showgirl outfit, also good for the greedy showgirl of Why Don't You Do Right. She has a huge pink poinsettia like flower on the top of one side of the bodice. She is also wearing pink ill fitted gloves which look weirdly like the kind you use to wash dishes, except that they go up to the elbow. There are pseudo diamond bracelets over top of both globes. Otherwise, it's a mostly silver layered fringe dress.

I looked for the influence of a non-skating choreographer in this dance, and I can't find it. In fact, it was a fairly dull dance IMO. The transistional lift in the middle was very labored. Kim's position in the spin was not particularly good. The first set of twizzles with the leg stretched to the side are excellent. In the second set, which they do with their arms behind the back, Kim carries her foot rather low and may have hit the ice with her foot early on to lose the level. They are great dancers, and I love them, just not in this OD.

6th in the segment

RoLi4 4.00 0.79 4.79
MiStNt3 6.20 1.00 7.20
DiSt3 7.20 1.00 8.20
Li+TRANS 0.00
Sp3 4.00 0.43 4.43
STw2 3.50 0.43 3.93

Trina Pratt and Chris Obzansky
Coach and Choreographer: Igor Shpilband and Marina Zoueva
OD: Heebie Jeebie Dance performed by the Boswell Sisters. (1932)

Pratt and Obzansky have joined team Shpilband. However, their dance is nothing like Meryl and Charlie's.

Trina has her hair done in a way that recalls Blondie in the Sunday funnies, with a group of huge white flowers (orchids, I think) pinned on one side. Blondie was first in the papers in 1930 and has always maintained her classic look. Trina maintains the airhead character throughout the dance. She's wearing a strand of pearls. She has a lacy, brown beaded bodice with thin straps and a brown fringed skirt where the fringes don't ever cover the rest of the costume, which is in a world class wedgie. The music has both very frantic and very slow sections, which works quite well. Chris has high waisted brown pants and leather suspenders (typical for the era), a light brown shirt, and a light brown tie. He also has a scruffy little beard and a mustache, which doesn't quite work with the era. Brown however, puts them firmly in the 1930's, since after 1939, nobody, nobody, in the US, other than a Nazi wannabe, was going to wear a brown shirt for the following 20 years.

Trina's position in the lift were rather awkward, and the spin slowed down a lot towards the end, though the positions there were good, and the twizzles in the second set weren't great.. All things considered a good dance, and a nice recreation of the era, but not unique.

7th in the segment

MiStNt3 6.20 1.00 7.20
SlLi4 4.00 0.50 4.50
Sp4 4.70 0.36 5.06
STw3 4.00 0.21 4.21
CiSt3 7.20 1.00 8.20
Li+TRANS 0.00

Morgan Matthews and Leif Gislason
Coach and Choreographer: Linichuk and Karponosov
OD: Summertime (but an odd version of it) Blues. The original version was by George Gershwin 1935 as part of Porgy and Bess. This one finishes up with an extended basic boogie woogie section, for some reason.

Leif has one of the strangest outfits yet for this OD. He is wearing a wine colored winter scarf with a white suit coat and a white shirt and black pants. Summer whites tended to be all white. Winter clothes were darker. It's a strange look, and appears wholly random. Morgan has on very long black gloves, nearly up to the armpit, with pseudo diamond bracelets. The costume itself is a black halter dress with odd, long strings of beads sewn over the illusion fabric. It has an odd, wide, loincloth like split in the front of the skirt, and the inside of the skirt is lined with wine colored fabric. It also has a split up the back, meeting a deep veed back at the waist. There are multiple lacing straps in the back over the illusion fabric. The skirt has a very awkward, distracting life of its own.

The general effect of this couple is Grushina and Goncharov, a very talented lady and a gentleman trying to keep up with her. I love how Morgan doesn't let her foot droop close to the ice in the twizzles. His aren't that much. She hits beautifully crisp positions in the spin. And Leif never quite gets his leg extended because he isn't quick enough or can't do it. In any case, they do a nice job with this, but the music is the sort of thing you just want to mute the speakers while you watch the dancing.

3rd in the segment

TES 30.44 PCS 24.59 OD Score 55.03

STw4 4.70 0.50 5.20
Sp4 4.70 0.64 5.34
CiSt3 7.20 1.14 8.34
MiStNt3 6.20 1.00 7.20
SlLi4 4.00 0.36 4.36
Li+TRANS 0.00

Jane Summersett and Todd Gilles
Coaches: Patti Gottwein and group
Choreographer: Tom Dickson
OD: I'd Rather be Blue and Roller Skate Rag from Funny Girl soundtrack (time, 1919 and 1920, cutting it close for the ISU definition for this dance.) It is based on the life of Fannie Brice and the Ziegfield Follies

Jane's costume is taken from the roller skating rag scene in the movie Funny Girl that is featuring on the soundtrack album cover:
The scene has both the pieces of music used in the program. (And it's really a very funny clip.

So Jane has on the vertical, wide striped, green and deep blue top with spaghetti straps and the deep blue fringed skirt. She does not have the huge hat, replacing it with a head band. Todd has a green tie with green armbands, brown pants and a long sleeved white shirt with dark blue, front-buttoned vest with white piping outlining the lapels and a gray false flower pinned to the lapel.

They start with the lift to I'd Rather Be Blue. The lift is a bit slow in the transitions. They have a bit of business where he kisses her and she slaps him (with the slap sound in the soundtrack). Off they go into their twizzles, very quick in the first set, and quite quick in the second set. All is well until they get to the Roller Skate Rag section, where the music is too fast for them to keep up with, so they basically skate through it. They do a nice Charlestonesque section in the diagonal step, using Besti squats to simulate the Charleston action effectively. A nice program, but the timing difficulties with the ragtime drag it down a bit. And they are slower than couples ahead of them.

TES 29.88 PCS 24.55 OD Scorel 54.43

Fifth in the segment.

SlLi4 4.00 0.79 4.79
STw4 4.70 0.29 4.99
DiSt3 7.20 0.71 7.91
Sp4 4.70 0.43 5.13
MiStNt3 6.20 0.86 7.06
Li+TRANS 0.00

When you watch any of these dances, a good gedanken experiment is:
1. Looking at the couple, do you have any doubts which decade they represent?
2. If you mute the music, could you guess what dance rhythm they are representing?

The answer should be yes to both questions. And of course, they should skate well too.


On the Ice
Aug 23, 2008
Thanks for your review. When you mentioned Trina's "world class wedgie":laugh: I'm surprised she did not get 1 point deduct for costume violation? I remember Shanon Wingle did few years back with her Tango dress.


Wicked Yankee Girl
Jul 26, 2003
Are costume violations given by the tech specialists? If so, Judy Blumberg was famous for shedding costumes. I once saw her moult feathers & beads all over the ice. Perhaps she turned a slightly blind eye in sympathy.