Nathan Chen


Nov 2, 2020
Small mention of Nathan in interesting article from Claire Cloutier, interviewing Olga Ganicheva. She and her husband Alexei Letov are High Performance Directors at the Skating Club of Boston’s new three-rink facility in Norwood, Massachusetts.

Q: The World Championships recently took place in Sweden. Were you able to watch any of it?

Ganicheva: Everyone on the ice [at the rink], whenever there was an American or Russian or Japanese skater, everybody stopped. Everybody opened computers or phones. And everybody is watching, and screaming! [Laughs] It was a really nice atmosphere in the rink–everybody cheering. There were like twenty skaters on the ice after my company class, and we were watching Nathan Chen. You should have heard the screaming!

Joe Mendoza

Jan 18, 2021
Anyone attending 2022 US Nationals in Nashville?

Tickets will be available on Monday, April 19 at noon ET.

(If you are a Friend of Figure Skating, tickets are available April 12.)

I am thinking about it - I booked all session tickets during the US Championships in LV, and attended the practice sessions, but felt awkward because I realized most people went with somebody and I went there all by myself.


May 9, 2019