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NHK Trophy 2015 Tickets


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Jun 30, 2014
Standing spot? You mean you'll have to stand half a day to watch the event? This is the first time I hear about such an option...

I have heard of it for ice shows which are only 1.5~3 hours, but I too have never heard of something like this for a competition. I will probably just go for the mens and the ladies FP and what the rest live stream from the hotel...


On the Ice
Jan 10, 2007
Thank you Kansai & Tanka for your advice and opinion.

Yes, I will aim to go to COC in the future.

I am too, very curious about this 'standing spot' option. Do write and report about your experiences at NHK and how comfortable it is with your 'sitting/standing' arrangement, Kansai. Looking forward to your live report if you are not too tired. Thanks.


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Jul 9, 2014
I admit that I don't think I've attended a completely sold out event. Maybe 2001 in Canada. Worlds in 1999 Was very full but, SRO, Definitely Not. When I danced in Vegas (The worst job I ever had) even the SRO seats were just folding chairs placed behind the last row of balcony seating. I can't imagine people having to stand through an entire event. Has this actually happened?
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