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Feb 26, 2014
Nicole Della Monica and Matteo Guarise are pair skaters representing Italy.

Della Monica was born on 3 June 1989 in Trescore Balneario, Bergamo, Italy.

Guarise was born on 15 September 1988 in Rimini, Italy.

They teamed up in 2011 and are seven-time Italian Nationals Champions in Pairs Figure Skating (2016-2022) and the 2020-21 Gran Premio Italia champions. They have won medals at the GP circuit (silver medals at the 2018 GP Helsinki and Rostelecom Cup and bronze medal at 2017 Internationaux de France), in the CS events (gold at the 2016 Lombardia Trophy and Golden Spin of Zagreb, silver at the 2015 Warsaw Cup and 2017 Lombardia and Finlandia Trophy and bronze at the 2015 Ice Challenge and 2018 Lombardia Trophy) and other international figure skating events. They also participated in the 2014 and 2018 Olympic Games and several European and World Championships where their best result was the 5th place at the 2018 Worlds in Milano, Italy., and fourth place at the 2020 European Championships.

They are coached by Cristina Mauri and Nina Mozer.

Matteo Guarise is the 2008 World champion in pairs roller skating with Sara Venerucci.

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Matteo - entry


Golden Skate media profile

Nicole ISU Bio with her previous partner Kocon

Social Media

Nicole -

Personal Best scores starting from 2018/2019 season
Personal Best Total Score205.14ISU European Championships 2019
Personal Best Score Short Program73.70ISU European Championships 2019
Personal Best Score Free Skating131.51ISU GP Rostelecom Cup 2018

Personal Best scores pre 2018/2019 season

Personal Best Total Score206.062018 ISU World Championships
Personal Best Score Short Program72.532018 ISU World Championships
Personal Best Score Free Skating133.532018 ISU World Championships

Programs and Videos
SP: Let It Be from Across The Universe soundtrack by the Beatles, perf. by Timothy T. Mitchum, Carol Woods
FS: Nature Boy (from "Moulin Rouge"); Your Song (from "Moulin Rouge")

2021 Lombardia Trophy

SP: Let It Be ("Across the Universe" soundtrack) by Timothy T. Mitchum, Carol Woods; choreo by Valter Rizzo, Barbara Melica
FS: Pilgrims On a Long Journey by Coeur de Pirate, Saturn by Ryan O'Neal performed by Sleeping At Last; choreo by Valter Rizzo, Barbara Melica

2021 World Championships

2020-21 Gran Premio Italia (Final)

2021 Italian Nationals

2020-21 Gran Premio Italia (Stage 2)

SP: "Crazy in Love" by Rich Harrison, Beyoncé Knowles, Eugene Record and Shawn Carter, performed by Sofia Karlberg; choreo by Anna Cappellini, Luca Lanotte, Massimo Scali
FS: "Pilgrims on a long journey" from the Child of light soundtrack and "Saturn" by Sleeping at Last; choreo by Anna Cappellini, Luca Lanotte, Massimo Scali

2020 European Championships (geoblocked in USA)

2019-20 Italian Championships

2019 NHK Trophy (geoblocked in USA)

2019 Cup of China (geoblocked in USA)

2019 Icelab International Cup

SP: "Never Tear Us Apart" by Joe Cocker; choreo by Raffaella Cazzaniga & John Kerr
FS: "Tristan and Iseult" by Maxime Rodriguez; choreo by Raffaella Cazzaniga & John Kerr
Ex: "Rocky Balboa's Crazy Fight" ("Rocky" OST, The Final Countdown)

2019 World Team Trophy

2019 World Championships

2019 European Championships

2019 Italian Figure Skating Championships

2018/19 ISU GP Final Vancouver, Canada

2018 GP Rostelecom Cup
SP: includes a lot of commentary before and after they show the performance.​
FS: no video found​

2018 GP Helsinki
FS: no video found​

2018 CS Lombardia Trophy

SP: "Magnificat" performed by Mina
FS: "The Tree of Life" by Roberto Cacciapaglia
Ex: "Stand by Me" By Ben E. King, "Let's Twist Again", "Rock Around the Clock" performed by Bull Haley & His Comets

2018 World Championships
No video found​

2018 XXIII Winter Olympic Games PyeongChang 2018 - team event

2018 XXIII Winter Olympic Games PyeongChang- individual event

2018 European Championships

2017 GP Cup of China

2017 Internationaux de France
SP: no video found​

2017 Finlandia Trophy
SP: no video found​

SP: "Carmina Burana" by Carl Orff, performed by The Piano Guys
FS: "Love Story" soundtrack by Francis Lai, performed by Nana Mouskouri

2017 World Championships

2017 European Championships

2017 Italian National Championships

2016 Golden Spin of Zagreb

2016 Skate Canada

2016 Cup of China
SP: no video found​

SP: "Magnificat", vocals by Mina; choreo by Corrado Giordani
FS: "The Cheek of Night" (from "Romeo and Juliet") by Abel Korzeniowski, "A Thousand Times Good Night" (from "Romeo and Juliet") by Abel Korzeniowski; choreo by Corrado Giordani
Ex: "Stand by Me" By Ben E. King, "Let's Twist Again", "Rock Around the Clock" performed by Bill Haley & His Comets

2016 Team Challenge Cup

2016 Worlds Championships

2016 European Championships

2015 TEB

2015 Warsaw Cup

SP: "Cinderella" by Sergei Prokofiev
FS: "The Mask of Zorro" soundtrack by James Horner

2015 World Championships

2015 European Championships

2014 Trophée Bompard

2014 Cup of China

2014 Cup of Nice

SP: "Samson and Delilah" by Camille Saint-Saens
FS: "La Traviata" by Giuseppe Verdi

2014 World Championships
SP: no video found​

2014 European Championships
SP: video not found​

2014 Italian National Championships

2013 TEB

2013 Lombardia

SP: "Nothing Else Matters" by Metallica
FS: "The Phantom of the Opera" by Andrew Lloyd Webber

2013 World Championships
SP: no video found​

2013 European Championships

2012 Rostelecom Cup

2012 NHK Trophy

2012 Nepela Trophy

2012 Cup of Nice

SP: "Romeo and Juliet" soundtrack by Nino Rota
FS: "Nocturne" by Frederic Chopin

2012 World Championships

2012 Italian Championships

Nicole's programs with Kocon

SP: "Piano Fantasy" by William Joseph
FS: Nocturne "La Califfa" by Ennio Morricone

2010 Cup of China

SP: Soundtrack "Angels & Demons" by Hans Zimmer
FS: Soundtrack "The Mission" by Ennio Morricone

2010 European Championships

SP: "Boléro" by Maurice Ravel
FS: Soundtrack "The Mission" by Ennio Morricone

2009 European Championships

SP: "Lunatico" by Gotan Project
FS: "Soundtrack Medley" by Maxime Rodriguez

1st National Competition Bolzano

Nicole's program as a Single Skater
SP: Soundtrack from "The Schindler's List" by John Williams
FS: "El Conquistador" by Maxime Rodriguez

2005 Italian Nationals

Matteo winning the World Roller Skating Championship with Sara Venerucci

2008 Roller Worlds

Competitive History

2021-22 season
2022 Winter Olympics (Individual Event)10 (63.58)13 (116.29)13 (179.87)
2022 Winter Olympics (Team Event)7 (60.30)-7 TEAM
2022 Italian Nationals1 (66.28)1 (129.61)1 (195.89)
2021 Rostelecom Cup6 (59.92)6 (112.93)7 (172.85)
2021 Gran Premio D'Italia3 (65.12)4 (114.14)4 (179.26)
2021 Lombardia Trophy1 (72.35)2 (115.75)1 (188.10)
2020-21 season
2021 World Team Trophy2 (66.09)4 (128.24)Individual 4 (194.33)
Team 4
2021 World Championships11 (59.95)8 (126.55)8 (186.50)
2020-21 Gran Premio Italia (Final)1 (67.37)1 (121.26)1 (188.63)
2021 Italian Nationals1 (62.28)1 (125.67)1 (187.95)
2020-21 Gran Premio Italia (Stage 2)1 (72.68)1 (122.24)1 (194.92)
2019–20 season
European Championship 20204 (70.48)4 (123.96)4 (194.44)
Italian Championships 20201 (71.14)1 (117.11)1 (188.25)
NHK Trophy 20198 ( 57.55)7 (113.88)8 (171.43)
Cup of China 20194 ( 64.24)5 (118.64)4 (182.88)
Icelab International Cup 20191 (62.59)2 (108.20)2 (170.79)
2018–19 season
2019 World Team Trophy3 (69.77)4 (130.85)Individual 3 (200.62)
Team 6
2019 World Championships8 (67.29)7 (128.45)8 (195.74)
2019 European Championships3 (73.70)4 (131.44)4 (205.14)
2018-19 Italian Championships1 (72.91)1 (127.17)1 (200.08)
2019 Grand Prix Final5 (69.77)6 (117.86)5 (187.63)
2018 Rostelecom Cup2 (72.32)2 (131.51)2 (203.83)
2018 GP Helsinki1 (68.18)2 (117.59)2 (185.77)
2018 CS Lombardia Trophy2 (66.93)3 (111.25)3 (178.18)
2017–18 season
2018 World Championships5 (72.53)5 (133.53)5 (206.06)
2018 Olympic Winter Games9 (74.00)10 128.74)10 (202.74)
2018 Olympic Winter Games Team Event7 (67.62)-4 (Team)
2018 European Championships6 (64.53)6 (127.85)6 (192.38)
2017-18 Italian Nationals2 (71.64)1 (129.90)1 (200.50)
2017 Internationaux de France3 (70.65)3 (126.94)3 (197.59)
2017 Cup of China3 (63.76)5 (126.49)4 (190.25)
2017 CS Finlandia Trophy3 (65.42)1 (128.08)2 (193.50)
2017 CS Lombardia Trophy2 (66.66)2 (124.73)2 (191.39)
2016–17 season
2017 World Championships11 (70.08)12 (121.94)13 (192.02)
2017 European Championships8 (63.97)8 (117.02)8 (180.99)
2016-17 Italian Nationals1 (70.22)2 (123.52)1 (193.74)
2016 CS Golden Spin of Zagreb1 (64.54)2 (116.06)1 (280.60)
2016 Cup of China5 (66.39)7 (109.99)5 (176.38)
2016 Skate Canada6 (59.25)5 (119.42)6 (178.67)
2016 CS Lombardia Trophy2 (58.22)1 (126.96)1 (185.18)
2015–16 season
2016 Team Challenge-2 (105.88)2 Team
2016 World Championships11 (65.32)13 (118.49)11 (183.81)
2016 European Championships6 (61.51)6 (117.46)6 (178.97)
2016 Italian National Championships1 (66.20)2 (118.08)1 (184.28)
2015 Warsaw Cup2 (65.36)2 (126.62)2 (191.98)
2015 CS Golden Spin of Zagreb5 (58.66)6 (105.12)6 (163.78)
2015 Trophée Éric Bompard5 (64.08)Event cancelled5 (64.08)
2015 Ice Challenge2 (58.34)4 (96.44)3 (154.78)
2014–15 season
2015 World Championships14 (54.48)15 (97.29)14 (151.77)
2015 European Championships8 (48.43)5 (107.34)6 (155.77)
2015 Mentor Nestle Nesquik Torun Cup1 (53.82)1 (96.61)1 (150.43)
2015 Italian National Championships.2 (57.18)2 (100.96)2 (158.14)
2014 Trophée Eric Bompard6 (53.34)7 (107.79)6 (161.13)
2014 Cup of China7 (53.48)5 (102.42)5 (155.90)
2014 Coupe Internationale de Nice1 (53.54)3 (99.75)1 (153.29)
2013-14 season
2014 World Championships16 (51.38)16 (87.92)16 (139.30)
2014 Olympic Winter Games16 (51.64)16 (86.22)16 (137.86)
2014 European Championships9 (53.65)8 (100.90)8 (154.55)
2014 Italian National Championships2 (57.27)2 (98.59)2 (155.85)
2013 Winter Universiade3 (56.21)3 (104.74)3 (160.95)
2013 Trophée Éric Bompard8 (48.59)8 (99.29)8 (147.88)
2013 Coupe Internationale de Nice7 (43.06)6 (94.73)7 (137.79)
2013 Lombardia Trophy4 (53.76)5 (95.42)5 (149.18)
2012–13 season
2013 World Championships15. (47.82)14 (88.21)14 (136.03)
2013 European Championships9 (47.26)8 (93.63)9 (140.89)
2013 Italian National Championships2 (48.70)2 (102.48)2 (151.18)
2012 NHK Trophy7 (50.25)7 (92.28)7 (142.53)
2012 Rostelecom Cup6 (50.25)7 (92.28)7 (142.53)
2012 Coupe Internationale de Nice4 (44.52)3 (92.95)3 (137.47)
2012 Ondrej Nepela Memorial3 (39.28)3 (77.86)3 (117.14)
2011-12 season
2012 World Championships14 (49.07)15 (88.24)15 (137.31)
2012 World Championships -- Preliminary Round-7 (77.70)7 (PR)
2012 Bavarian Open3 (42.97)3 (83.40)3 (126.37)
2012 Italian National Championships2 (41.40)-W

Galas and Exhibitions

November 2021 Gran Premio d'Italia EX

April 2019 - World Team Trophy Gala
Theme from Rocky 1, "Gonna Fly Now," " Worse, " by Jincheng Zhang, "Eye of the Tiger"​

January 2019 - Europeans Gala
Theme from Rocky 1, "Gonna Fly Now," " Worse, " by Jincheng Zhang, "Eye of the Tiger"​

January 2019 - Hit on Ice 2019

Dec. 2017 - Golden Skate Awards - "Via da Qui" - Acoustic by Giovanni Caccamo

Dec. 2015 - Golden Skate Awards - "One Day I'll Fly Away"

January 2015 - Mentor Nestle cup Gala - "First Day Of My Life" by Bright Eyes

Golden Skate Articles

Other Articles & Interviews

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Record Breaker
Feb 26, 2014
I'm very happy about Nicole and Matteo tonight. :hap10:They skated very well and got their SB. Wish them all the best tomorrow. :clap:


Record Breaker
Jun 21, 2003
Just crazy what you can do on four wheels! I think the ice is so much easier (and maybe more forgiving?) so this definitely must give Matteo an edge :)


Record Breaker
Nov 14, 2007
Matteo winning the World Roller Skating Championship with Sara Venerucci
Roller Worlds 2008 SP
Roller Worlds 2008 FS

:jaw: Ok, I did hear many times thru commentaries during competitions that Mateo once was the world champ of roller skating, but tbh I didn't know he was that good! I didn't even know roller skaters do almost the same pair elements in figure skating; twists, lifts, death spiral, pair spin, even sbs jumps! Amaging. Thanks a lot for the link. :)

I do have a soft spot for this team. :) What is admirable about them for me is I could see their skating has been improving every time I see them at the Euros and Worlds. And Nicole and Mateo has surprised me, even shocked me, in a good way of course :), with the way they skated at this season's Euro, really. Quite much enjoyed their skating, especially Mateo's much improved skating, their better body lines/postures and better unison. And most of all, their attitude caring and trusting each other which is something needed the most for a true pair team, since they do dangerours elements such as lifts, twists and throws. In Bratislava, they skated two lovely programs, kept on performing till the end with or without mistake, I thought. Our commentary (J-Sports) at the Euro said that training with Tatiana/Maxim during summer did help them tremendously; they spent only 2 weeks with the reigning Olympic champions, but they were inspired and motivated very much by being able to watch closely how these champions train on and off ice, both mentally and physically every day.

Good luck to Nicole and Mateo at the upcoming Worlds in Boston! :cheer:


On the Ice
Oct 31, 2004
I didn't know they had their own thread here! :agree:

They have improved sooo much over the last 2 yrs, I hope they can regroup and skate as they are capable of @ Worlds in Helsinki!
Here is a cute interview with them (Italian only, sorry!) about how they teamed up and how is their every day life (the way he talks about their daily routine is soo funny :laugh: )
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Final Flight
Jan 1, 2007
This couple really have improved over the years, to the point where they are now real challengers to M/H for Italian No. 1. I always look forward to seeing them skate. I think their best programme has been their SP to Magnificant, I believe they are bringing this back for the Olympic season. I wish them the best of luck for the upcoming season. What is the music in the FS clip?


Record Breaker
Sep 23, 2017
Congratulations to these 2 for the best Italian result in pairs at WC ever recorded!


On the Ice
Mar 27, 2010
I really enjoyed their SP this year and so did the ESP commentators. I haven't really paid much attention to this pair before but during the SP at Worlds I did. And btw, thanks for the links to the roller skating - i had never seen anyhthing like it and had no idea they do more or less the same pair elements as ice skaters.


Record Breaker
Sep 23, 2017
There is one thing they really need to improve for next year though: THOSE COSTUMES. The FS onesies were so hideous :palmf:


Feb 16, 2014
It has been announced today by the Ministry of Interior that both Nicole and Matteo will be enrolled in the sport group of Italian State Police.

This means they will get a monthly salary from now on. This will be helpful for them now they have decided to continue.