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Feb 2, 2019
Olga Romanovna Mikutina (Ukrainian: Ольга Романівна Мікутіна) is an Austrian figure skater competing in Ladies' Singles. She was born on 6 October 2003 in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Olga is a three-time Austrian national champion (2020–2021, 2024), as well as a two-time Austrian national junior champion (2019–2020).

Olga took up skating in 2007 at the age of four. She began her skating career competing for her native Ukraine, and by age 12, was already a three-time Ukrainian youth national champion. When she was 12, her parents decided that she needed better training conditions than were available in Ukraine, and were advised to seek out coach Elena Romanova in Feldkirch, Austria. Olga would later remark that "at first I didn’t realize that we were really moving there. I thought we were just training there for some time." She began competing for Austria at the advanced novice level internationally in 2016. She subsequently became an Austrian citizen in January of 2020.
In August 2023 Olga moved to Montclair (New Jersey, USA) to study Business Administration at Montclair State University. She is training there together with the Israeli National Team and coaches Galit Chait, Aleksei Bychenko, and Evgeni Krasnopolskiy. Her main coach remains Elena Romanova, who is working with Olga remotely and also accompanying her to competitions.

Image source: (c) GEPA pictures, Johannes Friedl

Social Media:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/olgamikutina/
Instagram about Olga's art and drawings: https://www.instagram.com/mikutina_art/

Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olga_Mikutina
ISU biography: http://www.isuresults.com/bios/isufs00103213.htm
Rinkresults: http://www.rinkresults.com/skater?skater_id=5819

Olga's media profile on GSF: https://www.goldenskate.com/forum/media/categories/olga-mikutina-aut.432/

Articles, Interviews and Other Media:
- 14 May 2021: Dark horse Olga Mikutina thrives in Feldkirch, article on GoldenSkate by Tatjana Flade
- 22 April 2021: https://vorarlberg.orf.at/tv/stories/3100448/, Feature about Olga on local Austrian TV-station
- 3 April 2021: Eiskunstläuferin Olga Mikutina: Vom Dörfchen in den WM-Eispalast, article in Austrian newspaper "derStandard"

Personal Best Scores under +5/-5 GOE
Personal Best Total Score198.77ISU World Championships 2021
Personal Best Score Short Program67.18ISU World Championships 2021
Personal Best Score Free Skating131.59ISU World Championships 2021

Season 2023-24

SP: "El Mariachi" by Robert Rodriguez, "Uccen" (DWTS Remix) by Taalbi Brothers; choreo. by Rostislav Sinicyn
FS: "The Curse" by Agnes Obel, "Dawn of Faith" by Eternal Eclipse, Thomas-Adam Habuda; choreo. by Rostislav Sinicyn

Season 2022-2023
SP: "My Nocturnal Serenade" by Yohio; choreo. by Rostislav Sinicyn
FS: The Curse by Agnes Obel, Dawn of Faith by Eternal Eclipse

Season 2021-2022
SP: "My Nocturnal Serenade" by Yohio; choreo. by Rostislav Sinicyn
FS: "Primavera", "Experience" by Ludovico Einaudi; choreo. by Rostislav Sinicyn

Season 2020-2021
SP: "Sing, Sing, Sing" by Louis Prima performed by Trío Ladies; choreo. by Rostislav Sinicyn
FS: "Primavera", "Experience" by Ludovico Einaudi; choreo. by Rostislav Sinicyn

Season 2019-2020
SP: "Sing, Sing, Sing" by Louis Prima performed by Trío Ladies; choreo. by Rostislav Sinicyn
FS: "Tango" (from Step Up 3D) by Bear McCreary

Season 2018-2019
SP: "Megapolis" (Russian: Мегаполис) by Bel Suono
FS: "Tango" (from Step Up 3D) by Bear McCreary

Competitive History
(SP and FS videos linked in "score" columns)

CompetitionCategorySP ScoreSP RankFS ScoreFS RankTotal ScoreTotal Rank
Season 2023-24
2024 World ChampionshipsSenior60.7716116.9913177.7614
Dragon Trophy Ljubljana 2024Senior60.141112.912173.051 🥇
Bavarian Open 2024Senior57.012113.522170.533 🥉
2024 ISU European ChampionshipsSenior63.715109.7510173.468
Austrian Championships 2023Senior58.622114.311172.931 🥇
2023 ISU CS Golden Spin of ZagrebSenior58.08395.8210153.909
2023 Swiss Ice Skating OpenSenior59.08291.972151.051 🥇
2023 ISU CS Budapest TrophySenior61.486108.015169.495
Season 2022-23
2023 ISU World ChampionshipsSenior57.0520115.2618172.3119
2023 Feldkirch TrophySenior65.881119.071184.951 🥇
2023 ISU European ChampionshipsSenior62.78496.3018159.0812
2022 ISU GP NHK TrophySenior56.9510116.419173.3610
2022 ISU Grand Prix de FranceSenior56.0010103.9910159.9910
Tayside Trophy 2022Senior60.072114.631174.701 🥇
2022 ISU CS Finlandia TrophySenior52.8115107.627160.439
2022 ISU CS Nebelhorn TrophySenior58.31497.229155.537
Season 2021-22
2022 ISU World ChampionshipsSenior62.1415120.8413182.9814
2022 Winter Olympics (Individual Event)Senior61.1418121.0614182.2014
2022 ISU European ChampionshipsSenior60.1612103.8517164.0115
Austrian Championships 2022Senior62.771111.062173.832 🥈
ISU GP Rostelecom Cup of Russia 2021Senior57.0910104.0012161.0912
Season 2020-21
ISU World Championship 2021Senior67.1811131.597198.778
Sofia Trophy 2021Senior63.331124.061187.391 🥇
Tallink Hotels Cup 2021Senior63.192117.232180.422 🥈
Austrian Championships 2021Senior55.971113.1311
ISU CS Nebelhorn Trophy 2020Senior44.141285.2615129.4013
Season 2019-20
Jégvirág Cup 2020Junior55.841110.721166.561 🥇
ISU European Championship 2020Senior53.192176.9624130.1524
Edu Sport Trophy 2020Senior58.924101.204160.124
Austrian Championships 2020Senior56.672114.981171.651 🥇
Austrian Championships 2020Junior54.06197.992152.051 🥇
Bosporus Cup 2019Senior54.832111.731166.561 🥇
24th Eiscup InnsbruckSenior62.571122.291184.861 🥇
Tallinn Trophy International 2019Senior53.404109.083162.483 🥉
Icelab International Cup 2019Junior57.651102.681160.331 🥇
31st Golden BearSenior62.321110.674172.992 🥈
Ice Star 2019Junior56.57394.526151.094
ISU JGP Zagreb 2019Junior46.411393.7012140.1113
ISU JGP Riga 2019Junior42.362188.0613130.4217
Season 2018-19
Egna Spring Trophy 2019Junior53.52293.723147.243 🥉
ISU World Junior Championship 2019Junior48.752096.5915145.3418
Austrian Championships 2019Junior53.871100.321154.191 🥇
Skate Celje 2018 ISUJunior55.23190.312145.541 🥇
37th Volvo Open CupJunior54.22195.371149.591 🥇
International Halloween Cup 2018Junior58.941108.101167.041 🥇
ISU JGP Ostrava 2018Junior52.37890.7313143.109
ISU JGP Linz 2018Junior45.011374.5015119.5113
Season 2017-18
27. Triglav TrophyJunior53.671100.701154.371 🥇
Coupe du Printemps 2018Junior57.53197.801155.331 🥇
Bavarian Open 2018Junior47.94788.758136.698
FBMA Trophy 2018Junior45.14178.141123.281 🥇
Austrian Championships 2018Junior45.79385.793131.583 🥉
Cup of Tyrol 2018Junior41.281888.214129.496
6th Denkova-Staviski Cup ISUJunior52.09291.662143.752 🥈
Cup of Nice 2017Junior46.36783.5710129.9310
Season 2016-17
Egna Spring Trophy 2017Advanced novice38.73254.20692.934
Coupe du Printemps 2017Advanced novice36.44266.302102.742 🥈
Cup of Tyrol 2017Advanced novice39.29167.091106.381 🥇
Austrian Championships 2017Advanced novice38.16167.531105.691 🥇
21st Eiscup InnsbruckAdvanced novice37.21173.781110.991 🥇
19th Merano CupAdvanced novice40.05169.671109.721 🥇
28th Golden BearAdvanced novice33.30855.871089.178
Before 2015
8th Santa Claus CupBasic novice A1 🥇details
25th Sportland TrophyCubs2 🥈details
6th Santa Claus CupCubs2 🥈details

After Golden Skate published this excellent article about Olga today, I finally decided that it is time for her to get her own fan fest. :)
I will update the OP with all the necessary info in the coming weeks. In the meantime, feel free to gush over Olga's skating here!
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