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Piper Gilles & Paul Poirier


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Oct 25, 2014
So - Piper & Paul are listed for Autumn Classic International in September. New programs incoming.
Plus Piper's last IG/Twitter posts are announcing another part of 'Programs for the people' (I assume FD): https://twitter.com/PiperGilles/status/1428056523540992009?s=19
And there's a graphic...I wonder if this is sort of hint about the program..;)

Knowing them it is a clue, but no idea what it means.
I saw the post interpreted as referring to "a Long and Winding Road". I have no idea if that is correct.


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Nov 12, 2012
After seeing today photo of RD costumes, I can only say WOW. They are GOING IN, being themselves on a full force, regardless of public liking.
ETA - ofc if these costumes in the photo will be tge actual competition ones lol ;)