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Practice Reports Skate Canada


Oct 28, 2011
Weaver & Poje did their SD. Aside from the fact that she was wearing the scariest dress I've seen in a while, they looked wonderful. Really energetic and quick across the ice, and it looks like their twizzles have really improved.
ITA with everything you said... but... I totally loved Kaitlyn's dress! Very different for her... very sex kittenish :biggrin:

colleen o'neill

Nov 3, 2006
;)Bite your tongue SF04...Kaitlyn's dress is fabulous. Not everyone could carry this off..but she can. Part tiger stripe, maybe part leopard, bead fringe where it will do the most good. IGottaBeMe is right. Well, maybe kittenish is too soft. It's like Sheena the Jungle Girl moved to into town, rented a high class penthouse and took up latin dancing.:laugh: Wild yet sophisticated. Beautifully fitted , no clutter..Mm-mm-mm. Andrew is the man in black with a bit of flash.


Wicked Yankee Girl
Jul 26, 2003
A nice person has edited the practice tapes into separate routines on youtube:

Harvey / Gagnon at about 6 minutes SD Straight to number 1

Virtue / Moir FD Funny Face

Weaver / Poje SD Rhumba d'Amour

Capellini / Lanotte SD

Pushkash / Guerreiro starts at 6 min FD

Riazanova / Tkachenko SD

Chock / Bates FD

Unfortunately, the commentators sound like extras from The Red Green Show
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