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SA Schedule and What We Will See on TV

Jul 11, 2003
I believe Ebersol (NBC Sports' president) WAS asked about potential interest in international competitions, to which he responded something to the effect of, "It depends on how innovative (the ISU) is." Of course, he's referring to how "innovative" the USFS was in their willingness to change the event layout of the US Nats to suit NBC's broadcast schedule.
That Ebersol is a very diplomatic kind of guy. Not only will he be concerned with innovation of the ISU but also how much money can NBC earn for presenting international competitions. Apparently, ABC was losing dough or not making it worth while, hence the non renewal of contract. I am sure Ebersol is aware of that. It is apparent that everything NBC is geared to is to make the Olys a profit making venture, and is using the Amercian venues of SA and Nats to accomplish that. We'll see....