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Skate advice for adult beginner


Apr 5, 2024
Hello everyone! I want to learn figure skating and I would appreciate some advice for my first skates! 😊

I am an adult beginner, 30yo, 173cm, 70kg.
My feet are egyptian type (but not as pronounced as 45°, more like 30), with normal arches. However, I have wide shins (my achilles tendon is not very pronounced).

I only had 2 sessions on the ice so far, and with rentals made with plastic (they don't have my size in figure skates).
I know how to do plowstop, dip, 2-foot glide, forward and backward swizzles, pumps in a circle. I am still trying to learn 1-foot glides and slaloms (those outside edges are scary).

My plan is to continue learning and progressing and eventually reach jumps and spins. I plan to skate 1 to 2 times per week, ~2h each session (unless I find it hard to resist. I've been searching and watching ice skating informational videos almost non stop 😁).
As everyone else, I am afraid of overbooting and hindering my progress in the beginning. But at the same time, I don't want to have to buy new boots after just a few months, nor get injuries due to too soft boots.

Also, could someone advise me on some certified fitters in Prague?
I already went to one, but I wanted to be sure they are recommended. Based on their stock, they advised me on either Jackson Artiste, Jackson Elle (but they say it might hinder my progress in the beginning), or Risport Electra Light (due to the ankle). And based on what I see in this forum, Artiste shouldn't even be an option? Or based on my lack of experience is totally fine?

Any help would be appreciated!
Thanks in advance 😊
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