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Aug 25, 2017
Sofia Samodurova (Russian: Софья Вячеславовна Самодурова) is a Ladies' figure skater who represents Russia. She was born on 30 July 2002 in Krasnoyarsk, Russia.

She began skating in 2007 and was awarded the title Master of Sports of Russia in 2017.

Sofia is the 2019 European Champion, the 2018 Rostelecom Cup silver medalist, the 2018 Skate America bronze medalist and the 2018 CS Lombardia Trophy silver medalist. On the junior level, she is the 2017 JGP Croatia and 2017 JGP Italy champion.

She is coached by Tatiana Mishina and Alexei Mishin in St. Petersburg, and she has had programs choreographed by Tatiana Prokofieva, Ilia Averbukh, Nikolay Arzyaev, Irina Manuilova, and Aliya Ilyazova. Her former coaches are Maria Nikolaeva and Oleg Tataurov.


Allskaters profile: Bio (archived July 20l9)



Social media
Instagram -
VK -

Personal Best Total Score213.84ISU European Championships 2019
Personal Best Score Short Program72.88ISU European Championships 2019
Personal Best Score Free Skating140.96ISU European Championships 2019

Personal Best Total Score192.19ISU JGP Egna Neumarkt 2017
Personal Best Score Short Program66.67ISU JGP Egna Neumarkt 2017
Personal Best Score Free Skating125.52ISU JGP Egna Neumarkt 2017

Programs and Videos

SP: New Rules by Dua Lipa
FS: Mulan (soundtrack)

SP: "The Man With the Harmonica" by Apollo 440; choreo by Roman Kostomarov
FS: "Makeba" by Jain, "Replay" by René Aubry, "Mah Nà Mah Nà" performed by Moa; choreo by Roman Kostomarov

2021 Russian Cup Final

2021 Russian Nationals

2020 Rostelecom Cup

2020 Russian Test Skates

SP: "Bamboleo" by Gypsy Kings; choreo by Tatiana Prokofieva, Ilia Averbukh
FS: "El Tango de Roxanne" by Sting, performed by Anna Dereszowska & Machina Del Tango; choreo by Tatiana Prokofieva, Ilia Averbukh

2020 Russian Championships
2019 NHK Trophy
No videos found​
2019 Cup of China
No videos found​
2019 Ice Star of Minsk
2019 Lombardia Trophy

SP: "Nyah" (from "Mission Impossible 2" soundtrack) by Hans Zimmer
FS: "Welcome to Burlesque" (from "Burlesque") performed by Cher / "Show Me How You Burlesque" (from "Burlesque") performed by Christina Aguilera
Ex1: "Hava Nagila" (Jewish folk song)
Ex2: "All by Myself" performed by Celine Dion

2019 World Team Trophy
2019 World Championships
2019 European Championships
2019 Russian Nationals
2018/19 GPF Vancouver
2018 Rostelecom Cup
2018 GP Skate America
2018 CS Lombardia Trophy

SP: "Hava Nagila" (Jewish folk song)
FS: "Libertango" by Astor Piazzolla

2018 Russian Nationals
2017/18 JGP Final Nagoya, Japan
2017 JGP Egna-Neumarkt, Italy
2017 JGP Croatia Cup, Zagreb
2nd stage of St. Petersburg Cup
SP: no video found​

SP: "Send In the Clowns" performed by Susan Boyle
FS: Medley by Gioachino Rossini

2017 Triglav Trophy
2017 Russian Elder Age Championships
2017 St. Petersburg Championships
2017 Russian Cup Final
2017 Russian Junior Championships
2017 Russian Nationals
2nd stage of Russian Cup
2nd stage of St. Petersburg Cup
FS: no video found​
2016 JGP Yokohama, Japan

Other videos
2016 Russian Elder Age Championships
2015 NRW Trophy (advanced girls)
2012 Tallin Trophy

Competitive History

Background in colour azure - Russian domestic competitions (except from senior and junior nationals)

Russian Championship 2022Senior11 (63.30)14 (115.96)11 (184.26)
2021 Gran Premio D'ItaliaSenior9 (58.68)7 (121.91)7 (180.59)
2021 Budapest TrophySenior3 (67.15)3 (123.76)3 (190.91)
2021 Russian Cup Final
7 (68.92)8 (130.96)8 (199.88)
2021 Russian Nationals
10 (67.70)11 (128.58)10 (196.28)
2020 Rostelecom Cup
6 (68.01)8 (116.80)7 (184.81)
2020 Russian Cup (Stage 4)
4 (67.16)4 (130.03)4 (197.19)
2020 Russian Cup (Stage 3)Senior5 (65.26)4 (127.79)4 (193.05)
Championships of Russia 2020Senior11 (64.38)11 (127.70)9 (192.08
Golden Spin of Zagreb 2019Senior4 (59.57)3 (121.04)4 (180.61
NHK Trophy 2019Senior7 (63.85)6 (119.42)6 (183.27
Cup of China 2019Senior5 (63.99)5 (121.30)5 (185.29
Minsk Arena Ice Star 2019Senior1 (62.23)1 (124.93)1 (187.16
Lombardia Trophy 2019Senior8 (53.82)4 (125.83)6 (179.65)
2019 World Team Trophy (individual / team)senior6 (68.61)4 (138.84)5 (207.45) / 3
2019 World Championshipssenior9 (70.42)8 (138.16)8 (208.58)
2019 European Championshipssenior2 (72.88)1 (140.96)1 (213.84)
2019 Russian Nationalssenior6 (71.82)6 (137.95)6 (209.77)
2018 GPF Vancouversenior5 (68.24)5 (136.09)5 (204.33)
2018 GP Rostelecom Cupsenior2 (67.40)2 (130.61)2 (198.01)
2018 GP Skate America
3 (64.41)3 (134.29)3 (198.70)
2018 Panin Memorial
2 (69.61)2 (133.74)2 (203.35)
2018 CS Lombardia Trophy
2 (64.05)​
4 (120.77)​
2 (184.82)
Competitions for the prizes of St. Petersburg's Figure Skating Federation (FFKK) 2018senior1 (69.55)1 (130.55)1 (200.10)
2018 Russian Nationalssenior9 (67.07)11 (129.44)11 (196.51)
2017/18 JGP Finals Nagoyajunior6 (65.01)6 (122.73)6 (187.74)
4[SUP]th[/SUP] stage of the Russian Cup 2017senior1 (71.41)2 (138.45)2 (209.86)
2017 JGP Egna, Italyjunior3 (66.67)1 (125.52)1 (192.19)
2017 JGP Croatia Cupjunior3 (62.43)1 (125.43)1 (187.86)
2[SUP]nd[/SUP] stage of the Cup of St. Petersburg 2017senior1 (66.47)1 (133.49)1 (199.96)
1[SUP]st[/SUP] stage of the Cup of St. Petersburg 2017junior1 (67.55)1 (132.44)1 (199.99)
2017 Triglav Trophyjunior2 (58.48)2 (113.03)2 (171.51)
2017 Russian Elder Age Championshipsadvanced novice7 (61.12)7 (120.83)7 (181.95)
2017 Final of the Cup of St. Petersburg 2017junior2 (58.36)2 (114.95)2 (173.31)
2017 St. Petersburg Championshipsjunior2 (184.50)
2017 Russian Cup Finaljunior7 (61.00)8 (115.91)7 (176.91)
2017 Russian Junior Championshipjunior9 (63.24)13 (113.46)12 (176.70)
2017 Russian Nationalssenior8 (65.29)8 (126.87)9 (192.16)
2016 Russian-Chinese Youth Gamesjunior1 (178.97)
4[SUP]th[/SUP] stage of the Russian Cup 2016junior1 (66.66)1 (115.44)1 (182.10)
2[SUP]nd[/SUP] stage of the Russian Cup 2016junior4 (60.15)4 (121.85)4 (182.00)
2[SUP]nd[/SUP] stage of the Cup of St. Petersburg 2016junior1 (171.97)
2016 JGP Yokohama, Japanjunior4 (60.76)3 (119.93)4 (180.69)
2016 Russian Elder Age Championshipsadvanced novice6 (62.62)3 (122.85)3 (185.47)
2016 Bavarian Openadvanced novice1 (46.24)(87.92)1 (134.16)
2016 St. Petersburg Championshipsjunior3 (65.02)3 (119.90)3 (184.92)
2016 Russian Junior Championshipsjunior10 (59.39)5 (115.23)6 (174.62)
5[SUP]th[/SUP] stage of Russian Cupjunior3 (58.50)4 (116.73)3 (175.23)
2015 NRW Trophyadvanced novice2 (43.96)2 (82.60)2 (126.56)
3[SUP]rd[/SUP] stage of St. Petersburg Cup 2015junior2 (161.25)
2[SUP]nd[/SUP] stage of the Russian Cup 2015junior6 (55.78)7 (106.43)6 (162.21
2[SUP]nd[/SUP] stage of St. Petersburg Cupjunior2 (152.54)
2015 Russian Elder Age Championshipsadvanced novice4 (58.63)6 (105.36)6 (163.99)
2015 Russian Younger Age Championshipsadvanced novice7 (53.53)8 (100.11)8 (197.48)*
Competition for the prizes of the President of St. Petersburg Figure Skating Federation (FFKK) 2015junior6 (54.61)1 (109.88)2 (164.49)
2015 Russian Junior Championshipsjunior17 (43.54)13 (92.52)16 (136.06)
3[SUP]rd[/SUP] stage of the Russian Cup 2014junior2 (56.87)2 (108.20)2 (165.07)
1[SUP]st[/SUP] stage of Russian Cup 2014junior10 (45.17)4 (98.90)5 (144.07)
1[SUP]st[/SUP] stage of the Cup of St. Petersburg 2014junior9 (48.26)4 (96.93)5 (145.19)
2014 Cup of St. Petersburg Finaljunior9 (44.91)4 (91.69)7 (136.60)
2014 Russian Younger Age Championshipsolder age9 (189.67)
2014 St. Petersburg Championshipsadvanced novice7 (47.10)4 (92.85)5 (176.15)*
2[SUP]nd[/SUP] stage of the Cup of St. Petersburg 2014junior13 (39.17)10 76.2711 (115.44)
2013 St. Petersburg Championshipsyounger age13 (27.53)11 (51.42)12 (101.87)*

* Russian younger age competitions (Russian Younger Age Championships or St. Petersburg Championships) are composed of Elements, SP and FS. Elements are composed of: прыжок, каскад, комбинация вращений, дорожка шагов. The combined score of these 3 segments forms part of the total score.

At 2015 Russian Younger Age Championships Sofia was 8th in this segment and achieved 43.84 points.
At 2014 St. Petersburg Championships she was 9th in this segment and achieved 36.20 points.
At 2013 St. Petersburg Championships she was 9th in this segment and achieved 22.92 points.

Articles and Interviews
25 January 2019 GS article by Paula Slater "Samodurova shines; wins European Ladies' title" -

Original OP from sneakers:
impressive, girl with a solid technique :agree:
quite improved since I first saw her at NRW Trophy winning silver behind Gubanova

she was off the radar and kind of sprung out of nowhere
another potential from Mishins team

eligible for JGP this coming season
6th at Russian junior Nationals

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“I solemnly swear I’m up to no good”
Record Breaker
Dec 29, 2013
Sort of goofy program music....I think I actually like the goofiness of it all.


Record Breaker
Feb 16, 2014
aside from the technique
she isnt your Typical Mishin skater who just pumps jumps

Isn't Mrs. Mishina the main coach of Sofia? It seems to me that her skaters (and Tataurov's) have more of an individualized style, and far more interesting programs, than her husband's skaters. I don't know how they divide coaching duties there, though.


Match Penalty
Dec 24, 2015


Record Breaker
Oct 18, 2014
I like Sonya's statement in Instagram: "I love everyone!" She is very modest girl apparently, she always thanks everyone who address to her in a network. Very interesting girl and IMO has a great future in FS
Yes, she has a down-to-earth personality.


Match Penalty
Dec 24, 2015
another clean skate by Sonya in the FS with overall score of 134.16
that clean technique will help her a lot, now she only needs her jump amplitude to be higher :agree:

she'll be amongst the new wonder girls to watch out for in JGP along with Lozko, Tarusina and Nugumanova
not to mention Konstantinova, Tsurskaya, Fedichkina, and maybe Gubanova

Alex D

Record Breaker
Sep 23, 2013
Sofia at Bavarian Open SP & FS


Well, what can I say, it was Sofia´s day! What a great performance by the young Russian who came second at NRW and tomorrow she will pull out the Vampire again *shiver*. Today, she was elegant and confident, I just love that she never stops performing while on the ice and she is very confident as well, making it look so effortless and maybe she also got a bit help from up there, as she is a very religous person, always asking for support from up the sky. There is not a single part of her body, that is lose, all is integreted in the choreographie.
I love Russian girls / skaters, as they bring something to the table that other nations dont have yet and I think its a lot about the Russian tradition and the programs, which tell a skater right from the first moment on, that they are a star and special and that they have to be positive at all times.

Sofia performed once again the triple Lutz - double Toe and she might even go higher tomorrow and that layback at the end, so gorgeous, just like her outfit.


Well, what can I say once again, I salute you Sofia Samodurova! She just did it again, a flawless performance with great in character skating.

I love how every piece of her body, but also the dress is a part of the choreography, like the tiny lift of her skirt at the beginning, or the fierce look on her face, when she enters the stepsequence!
This is how you have to do it, progression in a program is so important - even if its the last thirty seconds of your program, always bring something new to the table and she really did exactly this, in an overall wonderfully balanced and dramatic program. A program that featured huge difficulties with six triples, including the Lutz - Toe combination at the start and level three´s for her spins, spins which were fully integrated and unique, fitting to her story.

Sofia´s landings were spot on, perfect and full of confidence and yet, she stayed in character, always adding an emote, or a movement with her hands. The Russian is a skater who not once left her role during these three minutes - brilliant figure skating if you ask me.
At times you wish these skaters could skate extended versions of their programs, so amazing are they.

Sadly can not post pictures here :(


Match Penalty
Dec 24, 2015
a bit late
but well done placing second at Sportland Trophy

Sofia got the highest TES
she is consistent, hope she keeps it up :agree:


Final Flight
Feb 21, 2014
Sofia got the highest TES
not exactly... only in FS... but it seems to me that Sonya will be able to win against Liza N. in the near future - she has better jumping technique... but she needs to work well over the component part - she still strongly loses to Nugumanova by this


Record Breaker
Oct 18, 2014
not exactly... only in FS... but it seems to me that Sonya will be able to win against Liza N. in the near future - she has better jumping technique... but she needs to work well over the component part - she still strongly loses to Nugumanova by this
She also needs to work on her flutz. That cost her many points in the SP. If not for that, she would have had the highest combined TES.