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Sofia Samodurova

The Finn

Record Breaker
Feb 27, 2015
So, people are saying that she was one of the 5 girls (Tsurskaya, Fedichkina, Lozko, Samodurova and Konstantinova) who were named at the main Russian national junior team.

That is great news for her.


Ursula Gumennik
Feb 28, 2012
Sofia competes at the JGP Yokohama this weekend. This is her debut at JGP.
She has just finished her SP, scored 32.41 TES + 28.35 PCS and 60.76 of total score.


Match Penalty
Dec 24, 2015
imo, her foundations are solid, the best speed, skating skills amongst the current russian juniors after Gubanova. her jump technique is great except for some occasional calls on her lutz and flip. still she was harshly punished. :sad21:

There is still the free skate for Sofia to take 2nd place or even win if everything is called correctly on others.


Doing the needful
Record Breaker
Nov 30, 2014
Sofia was great! Easily my favorite of the skaters tonight, for the SP at least.


Record Breaker
Oct 18, 2014
She has had edge problems with the lutz in the past. 1-2 years back the flutz was quite severe although last year it seemed to have improved. Maybe, as someone else suggested, they should have had her do 3fl-3t instead.


On the Ice
Nov 13, 2014
Hoping they will also take into account her 9th place at Sr Nats - which made her the 2nd highest placing (after Gubanova) among the skaters who are still likely to be in juniors next season at that comp. Still keeping fingers crossed about Sonia getting 2 JGPs next season...