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Jun 21, 2003
Sofia Antonovna SHEVCHENKO (Russian: София Антоновна ШЕВЧЕНКО) & Igor Eremenko (Russian: Игорь Владимирович ЕРЕМЕНКО) are ice dancers that represent Russia. Shevchenko was born on Dec 14, 2001, in Moscow, Russia, while Eremenko was born in Rostov-on-Don, Russia on Aug 22, 1997. Sofia and Igor are the 2019 World Junior bronze medalists and the 2018–19 Junior Grand Prix Final champions.

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Biographical Information

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Sofia's Wikipedia:

Igor's Wikipedia:

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Sofia's page: Archived July 23, 2019
Igor's page: Archivec July 23, 2019

Social Media

Sofia's Instagram: (@ s_shev._)

Igor's Instagram: (@ eremenkoigor)

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TypeScoreEventEvent category
Total178.08ISU GP NHK Trophy 2019Ice Dance
RD69.59ISU GP NHK Trophy 2019Ice Dance
RD Technical39.59ISU GP NHK Trophy 2019Ice Dance
RD Component32.39ISU World Junior Championships 2019Junior Ice Dance
FD108.49ISU GP NHK Trophy 2019Ice Dance
FD Technical60.98ISU GP NHK Trophy 2019Ice Dance
FD Component49.84ISU World Junior Championships 2019Junior Ice Dance

ISU personal best scores (historical):

Total145.85ISU World Junior Championships 2018Junior Ice Dance
SD/RD60.95ISU World Junior Championships 2018Junior Ice Dance
SD/RD Technical30.92ISU JGP Bratislava 2015Junior Ice Dance
SD/RD Component30.09ISU World Junior Championships 2018Junior Ice Dance
FD86.07ISU JGP Croatia Cup 2015Junior Ice Dance
FD Technical42.87ISU JGP Croatia Cup 2015Junior Ice Dance
FD Component46.59ISU JGP Croatia Cup 2017Junior Ice Dance



RD: Foxtrot: "Express" (from "Burlesque") performed by Christina Aguilera; Quickstep: "Show Me How You Burlesque" (from "Burlesque") performed by Christina Aguilera
FD: "Mechanisms" by Kirill Richter; "Give Us A Little Love" by Fallulah; "Steppe" by Rene Aubry


RD: Tango: La Cumparsita
FD: Intro by Onuka, Witchdoctor by Camo & Krooked, Lijo by Alina Orlova


SD: Cha Cha: Let's Cha Cha by MC Mario, Samba: Happy by Max Sedgley
FD: Heart Cry by Drehz, La Boulange by Yann Tiersen


SD: Blues: Seven Nation Army by Postmodern Jukebox, Swing: Is That Too Much To Ask by Biboulakis, Nina Zeitlin
FD: Barra Limpa by Louis Enrique, Chanson d'Amour by Denise Castle, Samba in Your Casa by Matt Bianco


SD: Waltz: Les Valses de Vienne by François Feldman, Foxtrot: Do Your Thing by Pure Energy
FD: The Pink Panther by Henry Mancini

Competitive History​
Video links in results

Season 2019-2020
2019/20Senior2019-20 Russian Championships70.48 (7)111.19 (6)181.67 (6)
2019/20SeniorISU GP NHK Trophy 201969.59 (7)108.49 (5)178.08 (7)
2019/20Senior2019 Volvo Open Cup77.40 (1)117.11 (1)194.51 (1)
2019/20Senior2019 Skate America66.79 (9)99.72 (8)166.51 (9)
Season 2018-2019
2018/19Junior2019 Junior World Championships67.56 (3) 102.87 (2)170.43 (3)
2018/19Junior2019 Russian Junior Championships73.03 (1)111.94 (1)184.97 (1)
2018/19Junior2018-19 Junior Grand Prix Final67.73 (1)102.93 (2)170.66 (1)
2018/19JuniorISU CS Inge Solar Memorial Alpen Trophy66.83 (1)101.97 (1)168.80 (1)
2018/19JuniorISU JGP Slovenia63.79 (2)97.88 (2)161.67 (2)
2018/19JuniorISU JGP Austria64.26 (1)94.44 (1)158.70 (1)

Results (historical):​

Video links in results​

Season 2017-2018
2017/18JuniorISU Junior World Figure Skating Championships60.95 (4)84.90 (4)145.85 (5)
2017/18JuniorRussian Junior Figure Skating Championships63.69 (3)91.28 (2)154.97 (2)
2017/18JuniorISU Junior Grand Prix Final60.10 (5)84.28 (4)144.28 (4)
2017/18JuniorVolvo Open Cup61.85 (1)85.67 (1)147.52 (1)
2017/18JuniorMinsk Ice Star60.20 (1)82.83 (1)143.03 (1)
2017/18JuniorISU JGP Croatia59.97 (3)85.08 (2)145.05 (2)
2017/18JuniorISU JGP Latvia58.87 (2)82.04 (1)140.91 (1)
Season 2016-2017
2016/17JuniorRussian Junior National Figure Skating Championships56.40 (6)83.48 (6)139.88 (6)
2016/17Junior2016 A.Y. Belyaeva Memorial (Junior) --144.00 (1)
2016/17JuniorNRW Trophy56.60 (1)81.68 (1)138.28 (1)
2016/17JuniorISU JGP Russia57.88 (3)83.79 (3)141.67 (3)
2016/17JuniorISU JGP France56.20 (3)77.32 (5)133.32 (5)
Season 2015-2016
2015/16JuniorBavarian Open60.68 (1)82.42 (1)143.10 (1)
2015/16JuniorRussian Junior National Figure Skating Championships59.59 (6)79.72 (7)139.31 (7)
2015/16Junior2015 Stage V Russian Cup (Junior) 60.94 (1)73.56 (4)134.50 (4)
2015/16Junior2015 Stage III Russian Cup (Junior) 62.22 (1)92.23 (1)154.45 (1)
2015/16JuniorISU JGP Croatia57.80 (3)86.07 (4)143.97 (3)
2015/16JuniorISU JGP Slovakia58.04 (3)80.80 (3)138.84 (3)
Season 2014-2015
2014/15JuniorRussian Junior National Figure Skating Championships49.37 (7)70.93 (9)120.32 (7)
2014/15Junior2014 IV Stage Cup of Russia (Junior)53.82 (2)74.52 (3)128.34 (2)
2014/15Junior2014 II Stage Cup of Russia (Junior)42.92 (5)68.72 (5)111.64 (5)
2014/15Junior2014 Open Championships of Moscow (Junior) 8 (40.16)7 (61.58)101.74 (7)

Galas and Exhibitions​

2018-19 JGPF Gala

2018 JWC Gala

2019 JWC Gala
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The Finn

Record Breaker
Feb 27, 2015
Shevchenko/Eremenko are only 6th after SD. It is a bit surprising that they are about 2.5 points behind Polishchuk/Vakhnov who are 3rd. Shevchenko/Eremenko are not going to make it at the Junior Worlds but they still might make it at the Youth Olympics but they need to beat Polishchuk/Vakhnov and Skoptcova/Aleshin. Skoptcova/Aleshin are less than 0.2 points behind them. Shpilevaya/Smirnov who are 2nd after SD looks like a pretty sure bet to be one of the team who will go to the Youth Olympics. They will probably go to the Junior Worlds also.

Shevchenko/Eremenko SD

The Finn

Record Breaker
Feb 27, 2015
I like their chances at JGP France. They can totally win this, even though Abachkina/Thauron probably have home team advantage. Anyway Sofia & Igor beat them last year and they can do it again. The U.S team is totally beatable also.

Some pics from the test skate event.стартовали-юниорские-контрольные-пр/


Jun 19, 2012
Any videos from the test skate?
Junior test skates are closed. There could still be someone filming, but I don't remember getting any videos from the junior test skate in previous years. The top juniors take part in senior test skates, and that's where all the test skate videos of juniors have been from.


All Hail the Queen
Record Breaker
Oct 31, 2014
I just saw their last season's programs as a reference to predict the French JGP result. Shevchenko impressed me a lot 'cause such a young girl at the 13 years old was capable of showing a great presence on the ice. Their coordination seemed to me sometime a bit off, but what a promising career they could build! I'm looking forward to their showing today.

The Finn

Record Breaker
Feb 27, 2015
Sofia & Igor were originally assigned to JGP Austria but it has been changed to JGP Latvia.

Ushakova/Nekrasov is now been assigned to JGP Austria and Kuts/Mikhailov is the team who lost their spot to Sofia & Igor at JGP Latvia.


Apr 5, 2017
Like Ted said: "That was cool."

Can't but agree. Very entertaining. Their LP would be one I would show non FS-fans, to get them interested.

The Finn

Record Breaker
Feb 27, 2015
Like Ted said: "That was cool."

Can't but agree. Very entertaining. Their LP would be one I would show non FS-fans, to get them interested.

Yep, I agree also, that was very interesting FD. I am looking forward to see how they will do at their 2nd event.

They have been assigned to JGP Italy now. It is somewhat interesting that at the moment it looks like two Russian event winners will skate there because Polishchuk/Vakhnov have been assigned there also. Further changes are possible of course.