Sota Yamamoto


On the Ice
Oct 22, 2018
Copying part of my post from Kazuki and Mitsuki thread as they mention Sota here and there: I found the last part particularly interesting.
K=Kazuki, M=Mitsuki

K: Like Sota, you should get out of character a little.
--[laughter] Then, please tell me a story when you two first met.
K: Yes! We are going to tell you the honest truth.
M: We don’t remember.
K: We don’t remember the first time we met.
--Huh? You said so during the rehearsal and you two planned to recall how it went?
K: We planned to, but we talked about it yesterday and ended up saying “We have no memories, don’t we?”
M: None [decisively].
K: We started skating around the same time? No, I started earlier, by two years?
M: Yeah.
K: As a result, we were in different classes. We hung out with other kids including Sota, but as we were in different classes we didn’t have many chances to get together.
M: Yeah, we all played together, but I was with Sota all the time, so I didn’t talk with Kazuki very often.
K: In junior years we spent a lot of time together, and we have many memories of that time, but it is not the first time we met. Mitsuki was very tiny and looked absent minded all the time [laughter]. Now, I want to ask Mitsuki what his impression of me was. Do you remember?
M: Kazuki? I don’t remember, as I was with Sota all the time. When I changed my team from Rinkai Club to Uenoshiba Club, they held Uenoshiba sports festival.
K: Oh, I remember.
M: At the rink we competed in a bread-grabbing sprint race and such.
K: We did a relay race and played dodgeball too.
M: We did many things. On that day I moved to Uenoshima Club, but Kazuki didn’t know that until that time.
K: Oh, yeah! [remembering]
M: He was super happy, and I remember that really well.
K: Sure, I remember! I thought “There he is!” [laughter].
M: Yeah, yeah. That’s how I remember Kazuki. But it was when we were in elementary school, perhaps.
K: Our club had very few kids, as it was a weak and small club [laughter]. Yes, it was such a small club.
M: There were only three boys.
K: Mitsuki joined us. I remember that I was glad a boy joined our club.
M: After that we started to hang out together.
K: I cannot remember at all when we were small, but we spent time together every day. We played baseball and things like that.
M: Yes we did.
K: Sota was our leader when we built a secret base, and we also played hide and seek every day. My best memory, I can say this now, is that Mitsuki and Sota had a big fight one time.
M: Ah, I did [laughter].
K: You had a big scuffle with him.
M: We pulled each other’s hair.
--That was more violent than I thought [laughter].
K: That was super fun. I watch them fight laughing my head off [laughter].
M: We had so much damage on our bodies that the next day we both had to take a day off from practice.


Shan Ben Cao Tai, keep fighting! ^ ^
Record Breaker
Nov 12, 2013
wow, Sota was such a little rascal when he was a child! :drama: Getting into a fight with younger and smaller Mitsuki, tsk... and Kazuki was watching and having a good time. lol.
Anyhow, only 8 days from now, the boys will be skating their SP at West Japan! I wish them all well. Too bad the podium only has 3 spots, as I like all of Kazuki, Sota, Mitsuki and Keiji.