Tohoku-Hokkaido Regionals (東北・北海道選手権大会) B1 | Page 3 | Golden Skate

Tohoku-Hokkaido Regionals (東北・北海道選手権大会) B1


Record Breaker
Aug 21, 2018
Competition Video
Though I've been experiencing worse than usual recording quality issues, the stream for this Block appeared jittery during all events I was able to watch

Junior Women
Aiko Iwamoto SP
Aiko Iwamoto FS

Mayuko Oka SP
Mayuko Oka FS

Ruka Miyamoto SP
Ruka Miyamoto FS
Thanks for this!! I enjoyed these three skaters. These three, are already better than all the Senior skaters in this region.

Aiko surprised me with a backloaded triple triple combo in the FS.

Mayuko had a bad skate for her standard.

These two have a chance to make it to Nationals!!


Final Flight
Oct 3, 2022
Thank you so much, tsuyoboogie.✨✨✨

Three interesting girls. Hokkaido is certainly increasing its figure skating level.💪🏻