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Top 10 of 2023/2024 season?


On the Ice
Jan 11, 2014
What's your top 10 of this great season 2023/2024? For me it's :

1) Stepanova Bukin FD

2) Adam Siao Him LP

3) Khavronina Narizhiny FD

4) Kamila Valieva SP

5) Loena Hendrickx SP

6) Leontieva Gorelkin FD

7) Luc Economides SP

8) Adelya Petrosyan SP

9) Demougeot Le Mercier FD

10) Andrew Torgashev SP


Jan 31, 2019
World Championship: Malinin's Free Skate

World championship: Pavlova/Svyatchenko 4th place

GP: Petrokina's bronze at Skate America, with an honorable mention of Amber’s first 3A

GP: Hasse/Volodin's GPF

European: Selevko's Eu performance

Frolova's season

Sinitzina's season

Lazarev's FS

Popov's silver at jumping tournament


Record Breaker
Jun 11, 2012
JASON BROWN skating anything.
Ilia's freeskate at Worlds
Donovan Carillo and his Season's Best short program (he's such a showman)
Isabeau's freeskate at Worlds
Montreal hosting Worlds - such a good job!!!!
Piper and Paul and Wuthering Heights
(can't think of any more)


Record Breaker
Jan 19, 2005
Isabeau Levito - LP Worlds
Isabeau Levito - SP Worlds
Kaori Sakamoto - winning her 3rd consecutive Worlds
Ilia Malinin - LP Worlds
Deanna Stellato becoming a World Champion in Pairs
Ava Marie Ziegler's overall performance this season
Amber Glenn's successful 3A this season (and her US Nationals title)
Jason Brown still being relevant after many years AND in the "quad age".
Adam Siao Him Fa managing to rise from 19th place to win the Bronze.

And an "honorable mention" to the Montreal audience at Worlds.
They didn't skate, but they sure supported the skaters big time.


Final Flight
Jan 17, 2022
- Piper and Paul's RD and FD. One of the few RDs this season that actually had an 80s feeling. And Wuthering Heights is so eerily beautiful...
- Pipe's shiny pants
- everything Kaori
- Shoma. When he's on, he is mesmerising
- Adam. Wonderful SP and breathtaking scary FS. That cartwheel thingy...
- Jason. And Deniss. They don't need quads to be a guft to figure skating.
- Yuma. The softest knees in the business.
- all the great ice dancers. Such a shame the RD theme was a dud.
- Men in billowy shirts. Who wore it best, Paul, Jun or Deniss?

There are many more things I liked, especially all the quality and depth of the Ice dance field. Men were also a blast this season. There are many potentially interesting women, but they need better programs and music.


Record Breaker
Jul 29, 2003
1. Piper and Paul RD and FD
2. Deanna Stellato-Dudeck and Maxime Deschamps world champions.
3. Lajoie/Lagha RD and FD
4. Carreira/Ponomarenko FD
5. Shoma Uno SP
6. Amber Glenn's triple axel and U.S. nationals win
7. Anthony Paradis at Canadian nationals
8. Lauriault/Le Gac Corpse Bride FD
9. Adam Siao Him Fa's redemption FS at worlds
10. Jason Brown worlds SP


♥ Kami Valieva fan ♥
Final Flight
May 28, 2023
1. Kamila Valieva - exhibition program Dancing on Glass
2. Kamila Valieva - short program
3. Kamila Valieva - long program
4. Kamila Valieva - all other exhibition programs/show appearances
5. Kaori Sakamoto - long program
6. Kaori Sakamoto - short program
7. Adelia Petrosian - long program
8. Adelia Petrosian - exhibition program
9. Mao Shimada - long program/exhibition program
10. Hana Yoshida - long program


Cats, bats & figure skating
On the Ice
Nov 5, 2023
1. Shoma's SP at Worlds (as well as his gala program)

2. Shoma becoming six times Japanese national champion

3. Aleksandr Selevko's silver at Euros with two great programs (as well as bronzes at both Finlandia and Golden Spin)

4. Niina Petrõkina's bronze at Skate America

5. Elina Goidina top 5 after the SP at Junior Worlds

6. Nataly Langerbaur qualifying for the free at both her first Euros and Worlds

7. Adam Hagara winning medals at all three major junior competitions of the season (JGPF, YOG, JWC)

8. Hannah Lim/Ye Quan's successful senior debut (I just love everything these two do)

9. Riku and Ryuichi, as well as Piper and Paul winning World silvers despite challenges

10. Rio Nakata winning the JGPF

Honourable mention: Livia Kaiser's FS at Euros and Worlds