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Top perfomances from 2016 GPF

Mrs. P

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Dec 27, 2009
Also my first post here, so: hi everybody! :)
My top5 (haven't watched any Men's events, though)

1) Tarasova/Morozov SP
2) Medvedeva SP
3) Virtue/Moir SD
4) Zagitova (JGPF) SP
5) Pogorilaya FS

+ another top3 from the exhibition gala:

a) Tarasova/Morozov (lovely song, perfect choreography!)
b) Medvedeva (adorable when she plays the Femme Fatale in the 2nd part!)
c) Parsons/Parsons + McNamara/Carpenter ('cause 70's disco rules!)

Welcome pasha74 to Golden Skate, post often, post long!