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Virtual fitting by SkaterzEdge NZ


Mar 29, 2024
I was wondering if anyone had good experiences with SkaterzEdge NZ virtual fitting? I live in Singapore and do not wish to spend $300 more on travelling to KL(the nearest to Singapore).


Jul 8, 2021
They did a good job with my virtual fitting, but I think it depends on how much experience you have.
It can't fully replace an in-person fitting especially if you never had boots before.

I was in need for a second pair (without going full custom again) and send them all the required pictures and info what my prior boots were like etc. Their first recommendation was a boot I tried in-person before and didn't fit, so I wrote that back and we looked together for alternatives.
I ended up with rapid custom boots that fit great.
But it wouldn't have worked out if I didn't already know that my feet are not for a certain brand.

So it really depends I would say.