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Dec 7, 2018
Yudong Chen (simplified Chinese: 陈昱东; traditional Chinese: 陳昱東), born September 28. 2004, is a men's singles skater representing China.

He is the 2022 JGP Poland silver medalist, the 2020 Cup of China bronze medalist and the 2020 Chinese junior national champion. He won silver medals at the 2018 Golden Spin and 2018 Alpen Trophy, as well as gold at the 2019 Asian Open in the Junior category.

He is coached by Wei Li.

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Rink Results:

ISU Personal Bests
Personal Best Total Score205.16ISU JGP Egna/Neumarkt 2019
Personal Best Score Short Program78.79ISU GP Gran Premio D'Italia 2021
Personal Best Score Free Skating148.08ISU JGP Poland 2022


SP: Yearning for Peace (from "Hero" soundtrack) by Tan Dun; Swift Sword (from "Hero" soundtrack) by Tan Dun
FS: Du Plomb Dans La Cervelle (from "Micmacs a Tire-Larigot") by Max Steiner, Raphaël Beau; Et Eustache (from "Micmacs a Tire-Larigot") by Max Steiner, Raphaël Beau; Ca Deroule by (from "Micmacs a Tire-Larigot") Max Steiner, Raphaël Beau

SP: "Canned Heat" by Jamiroquai; choreo. by Elvin Wong
FS: "Micsmacs a tire-larigot" soundtrack by Raphael Beau; choreo. by Elvin Wong

SP: "No Man No Cry" by Oliver Koletzki and Jimmy Sax; choreo. by Nadia Kanaeva
FS: "Tristan and Iseult" by Maxime Rodrigeuz; choreo. by Nadia Kanaeva

SP: "No Man No Cry" by Oliver Koletzki and Jimmy Sax; choreo. by Nadia Kanaeva
FS: "Rhapsody in Blue" by George Gershwin; choreo. by Nadia Kanaeva

(Videos Linked in Results Table)​
2022/2023 Season
2023 Four Continents 15 (67.93)16 (116.48)15 (184.41)
2022 Asian Trophy1 (66.19)1 (147.05)1 (213.24)
2022 JGP Poland16 (53.76)1 (148.08)2 (201.84)
2021/2022 Season
Gran Premio d Italia 20218 (78.79)10 (122.17)10 (200.96)
Asian Open Figure Skating Trophy 20217 (66.37)10 (81.98)9 (148.35)
2020/2021 Season
2020 Cup of China3 (75.74)3 (150.47)3 (226.21)
2019/2020 Season
2020 Youth Olympics10 (57.31)6 (127.29)6 (184.60)
2019 Asian Open (Jr.)1 (58.48)1 (109.31)1 (167.79)
2019 JGP Egna9 (64.93)5 (140.23)6 (205.16)
2019 JGP Courchevel7 (62.79)9 (112.88)9 (175.67)
2018/2019 Season
2019 Junior World Championships25 (60.06)DNQ25 (60.06)
2018 Golden Spin of Zagreb (Jr.)2 (60.63)2 (105.62)2 (166.25)
2018 Alpen Trophy (Jr.)1 (63.94)2 (115.26)2 (179.20)
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Final Flight
May 16, 2020
I guess if he's only mentioning Wei Li on his bio, that's fine. I think he was at least sent to foreign training with Rafael Arutunyan at one point (at least for two seasons, I think? He was sent in 2018 summer) - I assumed the arrangement was still very much present, but I suppose not (maybe the pandemic has something to do with it, or maybe it was only supposed to be temporary).