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Thread: The Road to Gold, Part 2

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    Lori Nichol=New Judging System???

    "Lori Nichol...instrumental in designing the New Judging System":banging: I feel like that just can't make any sense; granted, I've read many insightful analyses by posters about the NJS (Doggygirl and Mathman come to mind), but I've never truly studied it myself. I'm just shocked that such a great choreographer could have had a role in foisting upon the sport a scoring system that is taking away the very ease and flow with which we associate the role of choreography in figure skating, a seamless spiral sequence as a transition (or just because!), a flawlessly executed, ONE POSITION scratch spin at breakneck speed...sigh...doesn't add up, somehow...pun slightly intended;-)


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    I think Lori Nichol's role was that she was called on by the ISU to put on some seminars for judges about what to look for in scoring the program components. I think she still does this. At the time I wondered if there were a slight conflict of interest, because she was working with sevreal active skaters at the time, and it might give someone (Fumie, for example) an avantage if the judges are being trained by these seminars to be looking for the very details that Lori Nichol is known for in her choreography, LOL.

    On the other hand, that can't really be avoided. All the experts are still actively involved in coaching and choreography, or else immersed in the inner workings of their national federation, so what are you going to do? The original CoP was designed primarily by the Canadian federation.

    Lori Nichol is the nicest and most generous lady in figure skating , plus Michelle should swallow her pride and beg Lori to take her back, LOL.


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