I happened to look at the ISU's 4CC entry list and beheld an interesting list of 8 names. Keep in mind that the ISU required USFS to nominate 8 ladies for its competitors and alternates BEFORE Nationals (I think by early January). The actual selections are of course, TBA pending outcome of the competition, but the list of 8 candidates is interesting for who it has on it and doesn't have on it. Due to timing, there was likely to be no way that an Olympic team member would be sent to 4CC, so this list represents a group that the USFS didn't expect to be on the podium = didn't expect to be possibilities for the Olympics.

Possible 4CC ladies (alphabetical) as submitted by the USFSA: Bereswill, Bulanhagui, Dobbs, Gao, Gilles, Maxwell, Nagasu, Zhang. As I understand ISU rules, the team must come from this list. I'm not surprised at 6 names on the list, but Bulanhagui and Dobbs did surprise me....clearly the USFS has been monitoring more than just the most well-known 5-6 contenders.

Who's missing: Czisny, Flatt, Wagner. Apparently USFS figured they'd be headed elsewhere.

Also not on is Liang (guess USFS has pretty much given up on her), Hughes and Cohen (both of whom wouldn't be tapped for 4CC anyway due to their other life commitments and almost certain lack of interest in going to any competition other than the Olympics.)

However, I think that should somebody on the list (i.e. Mirai Nagasu) finish #1 or a strong #2, I don't think the USFS would hesitate at all to send her to Olympics and scratch her from 4CC.