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Thread: The Judges in the Mens Short

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    The Judges in the Mens Short

    Here are the full protocols for the short.. and at quick glance, at some of them!!

    Plushenko's transitions- only 3 of the 9 judges went below a 7.50.. but they went low enough that he only averaged 6.80 there. And judge #9 was a huge fan.

    Judge #5 obviously liked Takahashi a bit much!

    Someone gave Lambiel a +3 for his double Axel. RIDICULOUS. Even the +2 were stretching it IMO.

    Judge #7 a little obnoxious giving Johnny +3 for all four of his final elements, and also way above average on most of the components scores. Obviously, a big fan

    Chan's stepped out triple Axel still scored some 0's.. OK the height and distance were good, but come on. Kozuka had just as beautiful of a rotation and 2-footed his, and he resulted in all - GOE.

    Many of the judges, including one who gave +2, gave him + GOE for the faltered final combination spin. Generous!

    Judge #1 was a huge fan of Brezina..

    I'm really laughing at some of the judges scores for Van der Perren's components, especially judge #4's transitions score for him!

    Abbott's single Axel in the short got all -3, except judge #8 who decided it was +1. Humm...

    Judge #1 didn't really care for Joubert at all, but the rest of the judges more or less (well, #7 had him low too) had him scored pretty consistent..

    I looked through the protocols really quick, so I'm sure there is more that I'm missing. But discuss away
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    One of the judges gave Oda -1 for his fabulous 3L3T combo. In general judges were not generous with this one.
    These small details that you spotted in protocols is something that happens all the time in every competition and it is truly annoying. What's more, I bet that there are no consequences for judges for such 'judging'.

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    Thanks, didn't think to check NBC since i cannot watch the videos or use the scoring since iam in Finland. Was it listed anywhere, where the judges were from?

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