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Okay, am I biased or...was Maé robbed??


She deserved higher PCS, IMO. And technically, that 3lutz-2toe looked really good to me, plus her 3 loop and 2 axel...Don't tell me giving her below 20 on components for that performance is fair.

It is arguable that Maé's PCS could have been higher, but her TES is somewhat understandable. She had NO steps preceding her 3Lo (remember, a triple jump immediately preceded by connecting steps is a SP requirement), thus incurring a mandatory deduction, and her footwork could definitely use some improvement in terms of speed and coverage.

Maé definitely shows promise, however...maybe France will finally have another top-flight ladies' skater again. But I wonder why she didn't have steps into her 3Lo? Shouldn't someone (her coach, for one) have noticed that immediately?