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2023 Skate Canada Exhibition


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May 4, 2014
I agree, that Imagine Dragon ex program actually suits Kao really well.
I hope he would consider making that a competition program - I think it can help heaps with his PCS.

And, I love his pants :biggrin: I want to see more of that kind of pants in competition programs too.
Kao actually did consider using this EX program for his SP this season
According to him, early on he felt some of the choreo in his current SP was too "difficult"
He mentioned wanting Benoit to make the program "easier" for him to perform
Since this Miyamoto Kenji EX is in his comfort zone he temporarily adjusted the jump layout to suit a SP...just in case
Not sure if Benoit actually modified the SP choreo or Kao finally decided to suck it up and try something new
Supposedly, the reason they had Benoit choreograph a program for him was with the intention of increasing his PCS
(Seems Kao was fascinated by Adam Siao Him Fa's programs last season)

Not a fan of a lot of Richaud programs but I have to admit I do like the SP he made for Kao
But I credit that to Kao because regardless of his "stiff Lego-man hands" he can sell me just about anything (apparently, I'm in the minority who believes he feels his music and interprets well...:shrug:)
However, I also agree that this EX would make a great SP
Don't know how much it would sway the judges (I can't complain about the PCS Kao has been receiving anyway) but it might convince a few skeptics who think he's absolutely void of performance ability


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Jan 9, 2017
They did add Deanna & Max doing a few steps in cowboy hats as part of the act here, though, and that should count for something :)
They did the same thing in SOI though, but it was Keegan and one of the ladies skaters (can't remember who)


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Mar 5, 2004
Wesley Chiu, thank you for skating to James Taylor music!

I can NEVER get enough of Piper & Paul's exhibition program. We saw it first in the USA SOI tour.

Matteo Rizzo - :love: your tennis program!
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