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2013 4CC Ladies Short Program


On the Ice
Apr 9, 2012
Im shocked Osmond didnt ge 60+ even with taht performance , she is usually overscored
but Gracie having lower pcs than Osmond is just wrong

Osmond got higher PCS in Transitions,performance execution,choregraphy, and Interpretation and Gracie Gold higher in skating skills which is right.

Osmond has so much personality when she skates, such a breath of fresh air! And loved all 3 Japanese ladies and GAO!


Record Breaker
Jul 27, 2003
Suzuki was beautiful and powerful with her edgy program, but she's not a better skater than Christina (just more experienced).
This statement is so ridiculous I had to read it several times to make sure I read it correctly... Where to begin?


Final Flight
Jan 18, 2013
Mao Asada's GPF performance looked much better than this one. I really felt that she was hitting the notes of the music, and for me it is not something happens often watching her perform. Here she looked like she focused too much on her jumping passes and left the rest of her program behind.

Skater Boy

Record Breaker
Feb 24, 2012
I don't think Kaetlyn got overscored; the two (Gold and osmond) are close and comparable. It was a dreadful skate though for Osmond. I think she felt the pressure and realized this really is the big leagues now. we'll see if she can use this experience at world's. She and Gold are top ten contenders; now the predicters will leave Osmond out of the medal mix. It's Kostner vyuna v. mao who is more vulnerable then Suzuki, Wagner, Kanako, Korpi, Liza, Gold and Adelina and maybe Osmond and Kexin, maybe Elene G for the top ten or some lucky fluke of a meadal. I think Jenna M from Britain will have problems cracking top twelve


Record Breaker
Nov 14, 2007
Finally, was able to watch all 20 SP performances on TV last night! :yay:
One of the reasons I love about 4CC, though historically technically and/or in depth-wise, much weaker comp than Euro I agree, is I enjoy skaters from the lesser-known countires as skating powerhouse, and I really look forward to seeing some improvements in their skating every year. And they DO improve in their own ways!

From the first half of ladies SP, I very much enjoyed Australian girls! :)
The younger sister of the Kerrys, I was pleasantly surprised that she has grown up so much, both as a skater and as a person since last season! Wow, she is a lady now. :yes: Please keep on growing, Chantelle!

As for Brooklee Han, I loved her step sq! With those steps and stretched-out postures, she skates bigger so that looks bigger on ice than she actually is. She has good basics, nice postures good enough flexibility. Hope she will work to improve her overall speed and quality on jumps. And to smile a bit more. In a season or two, she can advance to Free Skate at Worlds, I believe. :yes:

Way to go, young Wallaby girls! :rock:


Apr 2, 2009
* True. Although Melissa Bulanhagui is from Philadelphia, Pa., and Ami Parekh is from Jersey City, N.J. Still, yeah. :rock:

Yes I know. I read their bios along with all the other skaters. :) And although some skaters are American-born it's still amazing that countries like India represent at a Senior ISU event!