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2016 Worlds! Expectations? Concerns?


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Mar 15, 2015
So Worlds is finally coming in two weeks and Junior Worlds is in sight, do you have any expectation or concern? For me:

I expect to see:

-the juniors doing their best, especially Yuna Shiraiwa (3S+3Lo!!!), Marin and Polina!!

-Yuzuru nailing his programs again (however another WR is NOT expected).

-Javier selling his Malaguena (seriously I don't care about two quads, it IS already a magnificent even with one quad)

-Patrick perfects his SP

-Shibsibs winning their GOLD medal

-Mao proving to the world that she is still the boss

-Rika killing her FS

-Elena never letting go

-More tanos and rippons from Evgenia :drama:

I have concerns though on:

-Inflated scores which has been the problem this season, like giving undeserving +2 or +3 GOE and 10 in PCS:roll5:

-skaters' health. We have quite a number of skaters, both Senior and Junior, withdrew already due to injuries

What about you? Share your thoughts!


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Feb 22, 2016
I agree on everything on you bar that wish on gold for Shibutanis. I acknowledge the quality of their skating but I find them so boring and their programs quickly forgettable and tepid. I always want to have a snooze after their FS.


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Mar 12, 2016
I expect to see Shoma and boyang challenging for the podium.

I really wish Ashley would not screw up her short (and I can't wait to see the new dress)

Expect fierce competition between Fernandez, Chan and Hanyu.

Can't wait to see Denis for the first time in forever.

I also expect Yuzu and Shoma to get back 3 spots for Japan.

Also really want to see Mao's Triple Axel :)

Satoko not falling.
Evgenia not falling either.
Elena's powerful performance and selling her awesome program (don't care what others say, but she's my favourite Russian lady besides Yulia)

As for concerns:

Just concerned for her mental issues in general. Oh, but then again, isn't that the case most of the time :(

Fear that Yuzu would be under too much pressure to break records and feel too frustrated.

Like nolangoh said, there's the scoring to worry about. It's what we always worry about anyway.

But my biggest concern yet is:



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Dec 14, 2004
I am hoping that everyone is healthy and skates to there full potential - which makes a good competition. I am hoping for no more withdrawals - :disapp:

- - - Updated - - -

Predict Gracie and Mao will nail it and some interesting drug testing results from Eastern Europe perhaps !

Thats biased I take it your North American? - do you remember Lance Armstrong??


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Nov 18, 2014

Having to watch Gracie melt down before my eyes (DON'T DO IT BRO)

Mao melting down before my eyes (DON'T DO IT BRO)

The Canadian ladies melting down before my eyes (DON'T DO IT BROS)

Inflated scoring

Inflated scoring in ice dance (it's so ridiculous it's its own category!)

American men being a bombfest


An American pair in the top 5

A WR in at least one event (prob. Evgenia or Yuzuru but possibly a pair)

Something awesome from #QueenSui/Han :biggrin:

Something awesome from K/S, if they show up

Someone who shouldn't be losing their three spots losing their three spots

And that's all I can think of.


Jan 5, 2008
Rippon skating flawlessly without a quad and the judges scoring him without bias, underscoring him just because he doesn't have a quad.

Or, Rippon completing a quad!


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Feb 13, 2014
My expectations:

- No falls from Junior Men FS because reduction of the number of quads attempted after learning about Nathan Chen or humongous splatfest in the FS anyway because they never learn.

- Yuzuru executes his 4Lo successfully.

- B.ESP commentators go bonkers after that 4Lo.

- Miki Ando appears from behind Javier and gives him a kiss during KnC

- Brian Orser caught snoozing during one of the 12 KnCs he needs to appear

- Zhenya's tano shoulder boycotts "To the h*ll with this. Of all the places I could be, I have to be Medvedeva's tano shoulder."

- Ashley utters an expletive during KnC

- Satoko Miyahara does not fall and 20 pages of golden skate forum dedicated to pre-rotation/under-rotation/low height jumps argument

- Patrick says something about the ice condition

- Boyang successfully does 4Lz and changed a light bulb while he was at it

- Tara and Johnny criticizes the judges

- Denis Ten appears finally

- The guy who is responsible for playing the music turns off Radionova's FS music when the voice over starts


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Jan 12, 2004
Thats biased I take it your North American? - do you remember Lance Armstrong??

Well, Lance was a terrible skater. How he ever made it out of regionals is beyond me. His edges were shallow and his triple axle was completely unreliable. And those costumes?! Why did he insist on wearing that funny little helmet for every program?

I was relieved when he switched to rhythmic gymnastics.


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Mar 7, 2015
but mr rice, you posted in that thread---maybe you didn't read the first post :)... Ekatarina Bobrova...tested positive for meldonium (Russian ID team # 1)
Good question. I was just about ask the same thing.


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Jul 9, 2014
but mr rice, you posted in that thread---maybe you didn't read the first post :)... Ekatarina Bobrova...tested positive for meldonium (Russian ID team # 1)

Oh this^^^ OK, this is still the talk of the tennis world. Now the company is trying to say it's their fault and not to blame the Athlete's. It's a situation that I have decided to wait and see what happens. We took so many "Treatments" from Doctor's when I toured and all we ever did was sing and dance. I think we were even given steroid creams for muscle pulls and sprains. I think they need to give seminars on these drugs so that coaches and players are constantly up to date. Especially if a new drug is added to the list. From what I understand. The Athlete's are informed via email if a new drug is added or removed from the list. I just don't think that's the best way to get the information out.

IMO, they should have a Mandatory Meeting at the Australian Open since it's the first Grand Slam of the season. The association should give a briefing on any drug changes so that everyone gets the information at the same time. I just can't believe a top athlete would risk their entire career and good reputation by taking this type of risk. I know it's happened but, it will always shock me.
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Mar 7, 2015
expectations :

Ice dance will be the most competitive and exciting event at the WC, hoping for a W/P gold but I know many will disagree with me

Russian and Japan will sweep the top 5 in ladies

I hope I am wrong but I somehow feel men will not deliver ... too much pressure, too many quads...

Pairs, D/R will finally have a good outing...


judging is always a a concern, but even more, pages on the forum talking about the judging until next WC :)

competition threads were people wish skaters to bomb... i dislike those very much....

that other skaters fail doping tests :(

Zhenya is DIVINE

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Dec 14, 2015
My concern is that Zhenya will make mistakes and not win. :sad21: I will be an anxious mess until she skates her short program.
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Dec 29, 2013
I wonder if Sasha will go to Worlds? She did some coverage during Sochi....maybe we'll even get a little fluff piece.