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How to hack COP for the Olympics season


Dec 3, 2014
Here are a few more Hacks for the upcoming Olympics.

13. Land all your jumps consistently with difficult transitions in and out of them. (Suggested by CanadianSkaterGuy, modified slightly by me)

If you don't have the reputation. Try to go above and beyond what is necessary, so even if you do get that unfair technical call or stingy GOEs, the video evidence will present itself, while some folks here at GS and beyond will be your great advocate (and surely jumpamatron editor?). It will boost your next season reputation should you decide to go for it. If not, at least you can say you did what you came to do, too bad the judges are just not on your side.

14. Get your very own fluffy cuddly mascot tissue box.

It is THE designer item of the sport! Build those buzz factor and cuteness overload. (fluffy cuddly not prerequisite. Kovtun, you can bring a black leather punchkick bag)

It may not necessarily give you the extra points, but it will make you feel warm and cuddly inside at the time when you need it the most. Especially handy when you are most vulnerable and emotionally unstable at the Kiss and Cry and hopefully become your very own huggable lucky charm. Look how Pooh had helped Hanyu, Sailormoon cat for Zhenya. Spiderman for Boyang. Let's face it, we can all do with a bit of luck at the Olympics.

15. No reputation? No Agent? No PR?

Don't worry, you can still get the crowd on your side, and hopefully a few PCS extra points. Which surely helps you at the arena and cheer for you. Build a fan base, get involved on the social media. Make friends with your peers. Learn from Misha Ge, I personally think it did help his PCS a little. Learn English, Learn Korean, Learn Chinese (Beijing games coming up). Immerse yourself in the culture and politics and public speaking. Learn to be PR smart, study how/what NOT to say (PatrickChan press Pre-2014), then learn how/what to say (PatrickChan press Post-2015.) Ultimately, do not let it distract you from training and work on your consistency and your backloading. Focus on things that matter, but don't be careless about things you think don't matter. In summary, everything matters. The devil is in the details and your best line of defence in this political sport.

Whenever I read/hear these guidelines or hacks these days, I always get the Gone Girl feeling. :laugh:


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Aug 1, 2013
So the point of this post is "don't turn this into Yuna fans bashing, let's bash on Adelina or Irina"

Do not conveniently forget that Irina should have been first with a much bigger margin after the SP while instead she received some very unusual 5.6 for a clean skate, while few months after the Olympics only 6.0 and 5.9 for the exact same performance at Worlds.

Sarah and Adelina's situations are actually pretty much the same: performance of their life + home advantage + mistake or less demanding program from the top contender (yes Yuna skated clean but with a BV for the FS way lower)

OS thread is funny on how ridiculous is but some of his points are far away from the reality.

Way lower?? I beg to differ!!
Combined BV
Yuna : sp: 31.43 FS: 57.49 total: 88.92
Sot: SP: 30.43 FS: 61.43 total: 91.86

BV difference is only: 2.94

That is not consider judges wrongfully awarded Yuna level 3 for her stsq and Sot level 4 for her stsq. should be swapped. also didnot consider wrongfully ignored edge call for Sot etc.

Sot's situation is never comparable to Sara Huges's case, please don't insult Sara's OGM by comparing to Sot's case.

The level of injustice in Sochi is scandalous in figure skating history, period.

BTW, I just wish to not bash Yuna fans. where did I imply or did bash Sot or Irina?
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Aug 1, 2013
Huh? Are you sure you read the OP?

I am very sure! Yes I mean what I mean. please do not turn this into Yuna fans' bashing thread. Like you hinted Yuna fans are the most "passionate" fans, passionate is a good word. but quickly it will turn into meaning that is not positive at all (happened too many times on this board). And I believe Yuna fans do not deserve that. Did I explain enough?

Say it again, OS original post is pure genius, so many truth(or put it this way, facts) hidden in the laughter.
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Feb 22, 2016
Sure. But imagine if a poster wants to bash a skater... how can they do it without breaking forum rules?

First of all, they must not actually name the skater. They must be more subtle these days. They must infer their target by careful description. Disguise their bashing as "innocent" questions... as "humour" or "analysis" or "satire" etc. If it is constructed well enough, it will be obvious who the targets are, no rules will be broken (except perhaps repetition) and other people will do the naming...

How do you tell which posts are really humour, analysis etc?
Could be tricky... but I think it's usually obvious...

If someone is so sensitive than foras like this are not for them. No one forces you to click & read this thread either. :rolleye: There's nothing remotely offensive here. Btw. in one of Polish message boards for Figure Skating (if not the only one that exists :laugh: ) we have dedicated thread in which we can name & discuss all our specific Figure Skating antipathies - our ''bash fest'' :devil: It's actually pretty civil place :biggrin: We don't get butthurt over others' not liking our faves, well there are some that share or used to share fairly collective dislike too :devil: I am convinced though that it would not pass here, there are not many members either in this Polish forum. Anglosaxon world is also more absorbed with Political Correctness.
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Sep 17, 2016
Uhm, I was kind of enjoying the tongue-firmly-in-cheek chance to discuss what the current IJS/CoP and SoV's are driving Ladies' singles towards....

But looking at the results of Worlds this year, I would add:

16. If intricate, but repetitive GOE-maximizing entries, exits and tanos aren't your thing, skate 18 or more mph, jump big, include higher BV triples, but don't UR or fall.....and pray for better ice conditions than were seen at the Olympic test event [4CC].
Jun 21, 2003
I guess you've never came to read those posts under Sotnikova / Kim Sochi youtube videos? :drama: :dumb:

Yes, I have. That is why it is a pet peeve of mine when Golden Skate posters post You Tube links for the sole purpose of starting a fight.

This is a form of "board-dragging" and as such it is explicitly proscribed by the GS posting guidelines.


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Mar 23, 2010
How to hack COP: Place 9th at Worlds the year before (it worked for both Arakawa and Sotnikova, apparently). I wonder if Tursynbaeva knows that?

Added here as 16 and a few more tips

16. Place at least in the top 10 at worlds before (Suggested by Nathan13, modified slightly by me.)

As Sochi established. if you were ever in the top 10 at any world championships, or even even a senior. You still have a shot. Be strategic managing your GP campaign. At home events, while you may enjoy generous calls (unless ISU assigns Amano) and inflated marks (if fed support you), but you may risk seen to as overmarked when your performance did not stack up on the day, and risks negatively affect your reputation (e.g Mao at NHK, Kaetlyn at Skate Canada). Although how that affect your overall reputation depends on how well you comeback at your next competition. In other words, try not to mess up twice in a row.

However, if you are able to conquer unfavourable competitions, you may win the respect of judges and the audiences. Mirai did well @ Cup of Russia for 2 straight seasons, in 2013-14, coming 3rd and 4th, the event no US skater want to get, but in doing so, it proves she is underrated and deserves a second shot (although whether fed are smart enough to see it is another matter).

Word of caution, keep your guard up, no competition are truly favourable outside home events, and the judging can often surprise you. Mirai along with other non-Japanese ladies received some of the lowest PCS at NHK from the Japan judge, so you can pretty much count judges are going to play for the home team. In other words, manage your expectations conservatively, wisely and just accept it as part of the sport.

17. No Consistency No PCS? Don't worry. Clean(ish) and high TES seems more important @ the Olympics

As previous Olympics demonstrated, contrary to standard belief, consistency doesn't count much @ the Olympics. Lack of reputation is just fine, just make sure you have the skate of your life ON the day. Remember, anything is possible by a generous judging panel, supportive crowd... and importantly if you bring both quantity and quality, it is hard to make the judges deny you. Skate CLEAN(ish) and ZESTY to get crowd on your side which goes to point 18.

18. Home advantage. Advantage Advantage Advantage +++ Go Go Go!!

Take every home advantage however you can. As proven previously, it CAN make a difference. Ensure you benefit from home advantages, judging, and crowd support (and their version of vuvuzela). Get your federation to make federation friends who can be favourable to your interests when you manage to prove yourself.

19. Influence the public and beyond

Study how information warfare works and protect yourself. Get your Ma and Pa to chip in, utilise your federations and industry links, paid networks, associates to be your press and influencer on public message boards. Quash and monitor apparent dissent with the one fit all message (name calling, labelling) even if it doesn't make much sense. It is impossible to prove anyway, other than timing, a number of posts made in short time from new registrations and other behavioural patterns.

20. Work hard but remember to stay positive and have a good time

To participate in the Olympics is a huge honour and a privilege no matter what the result. Represent yourself and your country well. Be modest. Winning is not everything in this political sport... as human judging by nature can be fickle. Approach your performances with a clear conscious, without regrets and hopefully, it should bring you a lifetime of happiness.

Very best of luck future Olympians!! May the rebellion wins and the force be with you.
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