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2016 Worlds TV and Livestream


Apr 2, 2016
I realize that NBC has the rights to broadcast the Worlds, but after the competition is over, you can't even find any of the video from NBC on YouTube. I guess it's because of copyright infringement? It's just frustrating that the Worlds were in the U.S., but the only videos I can find are from Japan, Russia or Spain, with none in English. There were not even many from Eurosport which I love BTW. :mad:


Wicked Yankee Girl
Jul 26, 2003
I just visited the Eurovision TV site, and this came up:

2016 World Synchronized Skating Championships - Budapest

Live coverage from Budapest, Hungary, from 8th April. Geoblocked in Canada and the United States.

I looked in the Synchro forum, but couldn't find a topic on the Worlds championships?! :noshake: Maybe I didn't look well enough, but anyway, it's a livestream and it's worlds, so for now I'm putting a headsup here. ;-)

I just have not had time to put it up yet.


Record Breaker
Feb 24, 2013
If there's a stream for this I would LOVE to watch it.You NEVER see Synchro on US media.
Apparently there will be a stream on eurovision, but geoblocked for North America... so I'm guessing that there will be actual "proper" coverage of some sort for NA (and *only* NA).
Icenetwork, maybe? Otherwise it wouldn't make any sense for the eurovision website to block it.