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2018 JGP Ostrava Pairs Free Skate


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Jul 26, 2003
I am so happy for former ice dancer Sarah Feng and TJ Nyman! Has any dancer ever podiumed in JPG pairs or better before? Or qualified for the JGPF?

Sarah was Anthony Ponomarenko' s former partner.
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Oct 25, 2012
Only just been able to tune into the stream - which pair was this?

Just noticed nobody replied to you.

It was Talisa THOMALLA / Robert KUNKEL of Germany.

The telling off from Ted carried on into the footage of the next partnership, so this bit of the commentary ended up getting edited out when the individual videos for the two partnerships were cut. But here is Thomalla / Kunkel within the archived livestream:


Robert's behaviour really was disgraceful. Everything seemed to go wrong for Talisa, and she was so upset that she started bawling her eyes out as soon as she got off the ice. Yet Robert was totally unsympathetic. He looked like he felt hard done by. Perhaps even angry. After they finished, he totally ignored Talisa. He just went through the motions when they were taking their bows at the end, never once looking at her. Then when they came off the ice, he stayed away from her. Romy (Kermer, Pairs skater for East Germany with her now husband Rolf Österreich) was comforting Talisa, while Robert spent the whole time complaining to Rico (Rex, who had a lot of partners during his Pairs career for Germany, but I only remember Eva-Maria Fitze).

It was Rico that went with them to get the results, and although Talisa was sitting beside him, Robert continued to not even look at her. When we came back from the replays, he was talking to Rico as if there wasn't anybody sitting in between them. After they finished talking, Robert just sat there drinking a bottle of water and looking frustrated. And then when the results were announced, he just walked off leaving Talisa sitting there crying with Rico trying to comfort her.

Apparantly, this is their 5[SUP]th[/SUP] season together. But, if that display was a sign of how things are, I can't see them staying together much longer. Or, at least, I hope they don't. She deserves far better than that [insert uncomplimentary word of your choice]!