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2020-21 Russian Ladies' Figure Skating

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Mar 16, 2019
So many young talents on the ice today.
Once again Rita Bazyliuk (TT) caught my attention. Secure jumps, spins, good coverage of the ice, pleasing impression. 6th overall after the SP.

I like that Daniil has been using a lot of Disney movie soundtracks for novices, I can imagine it’s nice for a kid to skate to a music from a movie you have just watched and enjoyed :)


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Dec 5, 2018
I'd like to mention Alyona Krivonosova too. To me her perfomance was the best today

Yes, a super skate. Alёna is not a skater I had noticed before.

She's lying in 7th place (unfortunate deduction in TES), but she is actually leading the entire 50-strong field in PCS!

Edit: after watching some more, I have add... wow!
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Jan 18, 2018
Is there really no fan page for Mariia?! I have delved deep and cannot find one.

No fanpage! Yeah, that's a crime!

I have always liked Maria, and this year I just love her more, her programs are soo out there and different and just simply - very cool.

Some favourite moments with Maria in her free skate:

Looking cool, and digging the background music before entering the rink.

Starting with a 2A, out of nothing. Makes me think of Surya Bonaly.

Continuing with a beautiful 3Loop. Here I got Butyrskaya vibes.

Her evil laugh of course...

Her Maleficent horn impression with her black hands in her choreo sequence

Her coach Roman Usatov jumping "with her" on the last jump, the Salchow.

And I just love her last layback spin and the ending

I usually don't care about the ladies outfits. For all I care they might as well skate in bunny suits. But Maria here has the perfect dress, and those black hands is just exquisite. Totally Maleficent.

OK, I will stop obsessing now:LOL:

PS. I was also glad that I re-united with an old favourite brit-pop song from the 90s during the warmup. I had forgotten that one, and I had to Shazam it.
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