2020 Rostelecom Cup: Ladies' SP


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Feb 2, 2019
seems they were a bit conservative with Aliona today. too bad Sasha couldn't pull the 3A off today, she will get there. it was like she wanted to pop it immediately after getting in the air and commit too late. i didn't think they'd put her that far behind liza.
Right, she seemed to hesitate straight from the take-off of the 3A. I don't think Liza is a threat to her after the FP even with a 3A, Aliona with a perfect skate and a 3A though, who knows how the judges might feel about that.


Feb 28, 2012
Such a nice SP this was overall!
Kostornaya was clean and crowned for that.
Tuktamysheva's 3A was perfect.
Trusova skated a really confident and emotional program.
Two major upsets were Trusova not landing her 3A and Tuktamysheva stepping out in between the 3+3 combination.
Guliakova and Nugumanova were surprisingly clean.
Samodurova had no apparent mistakes but her scores were the lowest among Russians.
Safonova was nice but lowballed.
And then there is Eva-Lotta making two mistakes that were costly.
See you tomorrow for an even better competition!


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Oct 2, 2020
Breathtaking performance by Sasha!!! ❤

Yes Aliona deserved to be first, deservedly so, but I think Sasha was underscored a bit. Her musicality keeps growing and she makes so much progress with each competition. Tomorrow, you got this Sasha!!

Liza's exceptional 3A was to die for. She got nervous on that second jump, but she could be hitting the 80 mark if she skates clean. So much potential in this beautiful program. My favorite this season. Go Empress!!

Aliona was so sassy and elegant at the same time it blows my mind. Good call on doing a 2A for now. Hope she does great tomorrow too.


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Mar 16, 2019
I'm surprised to say that artistically I liked Sasha more than Aliona this time. Is it the music? :scratch2:
I would say it's the music... I definitely like Aliona's performance here more than Sasha's, although B.E's music in really not my cup-o-tea.
Sasha's music I prefer more, but I think in R&J her performance is stronger than in her SP.


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Oct 9, 2015
Does anyone know anywhere where I can watch the event afterwards. I was only able to find a few individual skates on youtube but not everyone. Preferably the entire broadcast but I will also be satisfied with having clips of all skaters performances.