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2021 Rostelecom Cup: Men's Free Skate


Feb 18, 2014
As Kolyada ended his programme I was very surprised to see a fan waving a flag with his photo where he was actually smiling very nicely... A totally different look than his normal strained look I have been used to at competitions.
It's a pity but a few years ago he looked much happier. I also preferred his programmes. The last few seasons he's done free programmes which I don't think suit him, for example the dreadful Carmen with the terrible music cuts, and the Elvis one. I never saw a more miserable Elvis!

I still have a fond memory of him winning the Helmut Seibt Memorial at my local rink in Vienna in 2016, skating to 'This is Halloween' with a -wait for it - SMILE on his face!

I don't understand what's wrong with him - would be nice if he could cheer up. He is, after all, being heavily backed by his federation, so what's with the mis face?? :cautious: