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2022-23 Japan National Championships - Women's FS


Dec 5, 2015
Fairness is following the rules that everyone knew about before the season began, not your own personal standards.
100% agree with this. I federation should follow the rules they have set. I didn’t object to the team Japanese chose for the Olympics last year, or the team the US chose either. If selection criteria needs to be changed, it must be done before the season starts. Skaters should know what is required of them to make it to Worlds before they start the season.

I am afraid if you are referring to the men, this is simply untrue. The selection was more than justified by the results at the Olympics and Worlds *that year*. Simple math. USFS butt is just fine and they have no reason to change based on those results. :laugh: If you are talking about another discipline, I apologize.

But this is off topic, and I will not further derail the thread with this.

I will be interested to see what JSF does since they appear to have such strict criteria. This is a much wider gap in results at this Nats than any other result of which I am aware. However, I appreciate that once criteria are set, it seems unwise to change based on an outlier result at Nats. I have always been a proponent of top three at Nats go, but only if that is the understanding before the season starts. If the understanding changes after the season starts, that is unfair to the athlete.

Congrats to the medalists!:hap10:

I think OP may have been referring to the selection of Karen over Mariah and Alysa for the team competition. Which did seemingly have a negative affect on the team score due to Karen’s placement. However, this selection was actually not in harmony with the US federations own rules . Both Mariah/ Alysa should have been chosen over Karen if selection criteria was followed closely. There may have been other factors at work there though ( such as the safety of Alysa being in Beijing for a long time because of political issues)

The selection of Jason over Ilya was in harmony with selection criteria and Jason performed very well at the Olympics despite what many said about him not being capable of finishing in the top 10 before the event started.

So in my opinion this shows federations should follow their own rules, it doesn’t prove the point the OP was trying to prove. USFS only hurt itself when it didn’t apply its rules as written.


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Jan 3, 2007
Kaori Sakamoto

Mai MIhara

Mao Shimada

Ami Nakai

Rika Kihira


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Mar 22, 2018
I feel good with the selections, glad JSF did the right thing supporting Mone Chiba and Hanna Yoshida now scheduled to compete at 4cc. Hanna is the first alternate for world championships while Mone is the first for world junior championships, Rinka got her spot at world and Rion got a spot at winter universiade, everyone happy


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Dec 4, 2004
Women's FS video links (video quality can be increased up to 720p by clicking on settings wheel)

Almost all videos were recorded from the FOD stream (no commentary)
Rion Sumiyoshi and Yo Takagi's performances are from the Fuji TV Two broadcast (with commentary)

Someone commented that they preferred my video posts to not contain "spoilers" which I'm assuming meant scores and placement
So trying something new in order to get around that "issue"
Feedback and suggestions are welcome~

Listed by FS Start Order (so you can watch as the event played out if you choose)
Warmup Group 1Program MusicChoreographer
1Akari MatsubaraForrest GumpKenji Miyamoto
2Maria EgawaLes MisérablesKenji Miyamoto
3Mako YamashitaAs If We Never Said GoodbyeAkiko Suzuki
4Niina TakenoQuidam (Cirque du Soleil)Kenji Miyamoto
5Rino MatsuikeNella FantasiaKenji Miyamoto
6Hina TakenoTitanicKenji Miyamoto
Warmup Group 2
7Rinka WatanabeJIN - 仁 - (TBS Drama)Cathy Reed
8Rion SumiyoshiEnchantress by Two Steps From HellShae-Lynn Bourne
9Yo Takagi (Jr)Mask of ZorroKenji Miyamoto
10Haruna Murakami (Jr)Music from the movie AustraliaCathy Reed
11Hana YoshidaHolst - The Planets;
Williams - Princess Leia’s Theme (Star Wars)
Tom Dickson
12Miyabi ObaAestheticMiyabi Oba, Miki Ando
Warmup Group 3
13Yuhana YokoiLiszt - Hungarian RhapsodyAkiko Suzuki
14Rika KihiraTitanicDavid Wilson
15Yuna AokiPaganini - Violin Concerto No.4 (Io Ti Penso Amore)Misha Ge
16Ikura Kushida (Jr)Samson And DelilahCathy Reed
17Ami Nakai (Jr)Miss SaigonKenji Miyamoto
18Ayumi Shibayama (Jr)Puccini - TurandotTom Dickson
Warmup Group 4
19Mana KawabeDrowning by Anne SilaMihoko Higuchi
20Saki MiyakeMoulin RougeAkiko Suzuki
21Mao Shimada (Jr)Passepied by Jean-Michel BlaisLori Nichol
22Mone Chiba (Jr)Butterfly Lovers’ Violin ConcertoKenji Miyamoto
23Mai MiharaFalla - El Amor BrujoDavid Wilson
24Kaori SakamotoElastic Heart by SiaMarie-France Dubreuil, Samuel Chouinard
I am really appreciating these because I can watch the performances without the commentary and concentrate on the music.