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2022-23 Swiss National Championships


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Mar 6, 2022
ladies' free program, summary

Alina Volland - very cozy program. I loved her performance, her smile
Patrizia Sala - a real spinmachine. and today her fs succeeded very muddled as well
Vivien Colleen Jacobs - this blue was a bit grey. however, the big sigh of relief at the end was charming
Linda Valeria Kaiser - she has the aggressiveness needed to make this program good, but now it was mostly about the jump attempts. knit one, knit purl
Ophélie Clerc - alas, she cried... I really liked her performance yesterday as well. her gentleness is beautiful. a very good character actress, but it's hard for me to imagine her in any other role. a party girl or a roaring warrior... no
Shaline Rüegger - yesterday she still had a bloody kitchen knife in her hand. no charm, no grace. she's a very interesting member of this field. big like
Yasmine Yamada - I watch figure skating because of Kimikos, so I'm biased. I would like to read a long interview about motivation and plans. just so I can plan too

the rest are the medalists... and I don't want to make enemies here. although Livia Kaiser's gold is actually fine

Schweizermeisterschaften Junioren / Mixed Age im Eiskunstlauf, 21-22. Januar 2023. the ladies competition is sure to be brilliant. Switzerland is lucky
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