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2022 U.S. Nationals: Men's Thoughts?


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Mar 21, 2018
The Good: That last two groups of the SP were phenomenal. I can’t pick even out a favorite SP. If I had to choose, it will probably be Malinin’s. He’s improved his performance of that program since August. He sold the step sequence and in a year he went from having spins that were beat with an ugly stick to spins that were the second-best in the field. That last spin was my favorite. I’m pleased to see he’s paying attention to more than just the jumps. I remember that being a concern after Skate America.

Zhou also had a great SP and it was better than Nathan’s. That step sequence was ace . Probably his best performance of that program and that’s something because he’s pretty much nailed it every time.

Glad Nathan changed his SP. I didn’t like the other one and that’s the only SP I haven’t liked since 2017-2018 season.

I’m too tired to look him up right but there was a kid in the first group with a great 3A that I’m meaning to keep an eye on.

Camden had his best Nationals ever!

The snarky DJ!

The free skate wasn’t anywhere near as great as the SP, but it wasn’t a disaster. I don’t think any of the programs stood out to me.

The Bad: Paniot’s withdrawal. I hope he’s okay.

The Ugly: I very rarely complain about judging/scores. Only if outcome will be drastically different and I find this uncommon. But today it happened so I will complain. Yes, Brown was overscored, but I had Zhou’s FS at mid-150s. He scored almost 180 for that hot mess. I thought Brown would easily get the bronze, even with the SP deficit.

I’m trying to stay up for up the Olympic team announcement, but I’m not going to make it.


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Jan 19, 2005
1) I wish that Jason Brown hadn't attempted the quad. His program would have been very close to absolute perfection then. He also would have won the Bronze. He showed that he could indeed do it at an earlier competition this season.

2) After his great SP, I think Vincent Zhou realized he might possibly win (or at least he could have put a lot of pressure on Nathan in the LP) and he put too much pressure on himself. Who knows? But that could be a possibility.

3) Even though Nathan Chen fell on a jump (and slipped during his footwork), I still thought he had the best overall performance. That's a testament to just how dominant he has been these last 4 years.

3) I was very impressed by Ilya Malinin. I thought his jumps looked really light and effortless - which is quite amazing considering they were quads. I also appreciated seeing a 3Lz-3Lo combo. If he continues like this, he will most likely be a future US Champion and World Champion. However, I think that the Olympic Team should be Nathan, Vincent, and Jason. This is not a situation where Ilya has burst onto the scene winning everything in sight with performances like the past 2 days. I would send him to Worlds for the "international experience" that Tara Lipinski alluded to. And he will also be an alternate at the Olympics, which definitely has more meaning to it this year.
Jun 21, 2003
Demonstrating once again that the ISU should eliminate the long program and have two shprt programs instead. LPs these days are little more than obstacle courses, with land mines planted here and there.

Thanks to Amel for the Tatiana Melinina clips. Melinina was the winner of the very first 4 Contenents competition. She also won the 1999 Grqand Prix Final (silver, Maria Butyrskaya; bronze Irina Slutskaya. For context, the men's podium was Yagudin, Urmanov and Plushenko). Melinina has ten national championships for Uzbekistan.

Tough decision for the selection committee. "Body of Work" does not mean an automzatoic retrospective reward for a skater's past acheivements; rather, it is a mareker of a skater's underlying talent and competitive consistency projected hopefully forward. Who do we think can deliver the goods next month, between Jason, Vincent and Ilia?


On the Ice
Oct 22, 2019
They really could have just given Ilia Olympic experience since he has a great chance at medalling at the next Olympics and they didn't. Didn't bother to invest in the future.

I'm so incredibly annoyed.

ETA: Even if Ilia had gone and face planted on every jump at the Olympics it would have been a great lesson and probably would have helped his 2026 bid. The other two members could have carried the team event. Omg I'm so annoyed.


Jul 26, 2003
I am satisfied with the Oly team but really want Ilia on the World's team. It's the fair thing to do and I think he could place well as the third member of the team. They should get him somewhere so that he can earn the minimum for the SP. Then again, someone might test pos for covid on the Oly team. Oi what a friggin headache.


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Jan 25, 2013
Chen hasn't decided if he's going to do "Rocketman" for the Olympics, but I hope he does!!

100% to this. In a sea of classical/lyrical numbers this will bring the house down. It’s not your typical figure skating program and there’s an energy and excitement to it.


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Aug 15, 2003
Stressful event overall, cleansing my palate of that stress watching some old skates of Tatiana Malinina after it was mentioned in the men's competition thread that Ilia's mother was a figure skater. She was good

Malinina was one of the very few skaters with the proper jump technique on all jumps. That's what she was known for.


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Feb 22, 2014
No, with more than 1 serious error you cant get more than 8.75 in PE, IN. But you still can get up to 9.25 in SS, TR, CO
That's interesting, I always thought not falling was an intergal part of skating skills, seems not. That would explain my confusion at scoring. :laugh:


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Mar 14, 2007

el henry

Go have some cake. And come back with jollity.
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Mar 3, 2014
USFSA getting roasted on Instagram.

Here's tonight's Ilia posting: An easy-looking 4T-4T in a Nashville practice rink. Caption: "New Year, New Me." LOL I really like this guy.

Not the social media I read, where most of the posts are "Yeeessssss". But you might expect that ;).

I looked at some of the accounts linked to the comments in the USFS IG and was less than impressed with the five accounts posting their unhappiness fifteen times, but if they need to vent, that's cool.

And if I were young Ilia, I'd be a tad more judicious in the IG stories reposting. (His post itself was fine, New Year, New Me, that's cute). His IG stories reposted some stories that straddled the "wuzrobbed" line. Maybe that's just my reading. Then again, Adam Rippon retweeted lots of "You were robbed" tweets the year he lost Nats to Jason, so it's not just the young guys and it's not a new phenomenon.

I love the way we can watch any event at any time these days with the internet. And I like making new friends on social media where we can talk things out, even if we don't agree. :) But some of the rest of it, sheesh.:palmf: