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2023 CS Autumn Classic Women's Free Skate


Aug 23, 2022
If anyone must skate to a version of "Feeling Good" that is not performed by Nina Simone, have we checked and seen if Weird Al or William Hung has recorded a cover. If not, I offer to pay for that to happen.

Lamente Ariane

Skating Skills -5, Fashion +3, Camp +4
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Apr 5, 2017
Even including the dreaded Feelin Good, that was—not awful? It at least had the kind of gravitas you expect from a World Champion,
TBH I thought Feelin Good was the better part :slink: First half goes on too long and is too dreary (and I know there are other versions of Wild Is The Wind that aren't that dreary!)


On the Ice
Nov 29, 2020
Kaiya just need the SP TES for worlds hope that she get it at skate canada, we need a replace skater if Madeline Schizas isn't able to make it to world. Better 2 options than 1.


All Hail Queen Gracie
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Mar 14, 2007
Oh dear, I’m afraid adorable Sofia might even drop in the standings.

You really do need to land your jumps and stop telegraphing so much, sweetie
Sofia is STILL injured. I spoke with her mom. I hope it is getting better, and was encouraged by her clean short, but I guess the long is harder. Her PB was 2 years ago.