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2023 CS Autumn Classic Women's Short Program


Record Breaker
Dec 5, 2009
Kaiya RUITER CAN - such a happy soul. dressed in royal purple. She has grown and has a nice long leg line to her skating. She wants to SLOWWW dance with somebody. Very clean jumps. I sense she is on the rise. Her skating is very lovely and deserves better music. She is such a lovely young lady now, no longer the teeny girl.

BONUS - Oh hi Scott Davis. You've done well with her.
Loved Scott's scratch spins.


Record Breaker
Jul 29, 2003
I just want to point out that only one person reached the TES minimum for worlds.
This is nuts. This was not a bad SP competition on the whole, with a lot of relatively clean skates with triple/triples. This should have at the least earned quite a few skaters the tech minimums. Even Kaori was only 4 points over and she's the world champion for goodness sake.