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2023 NHK Trophy: Pairs' Thoughts?


Aug 19, 2014
I noticed H/V right away at the early Challenger events; they are remarkable for skating so much as 'one' in their first competitive year together. They appear to have great respect for each other as well as wonderful unison & elegance.

But I have to say that Deanna & Max have shown great improvement from a year ago; so much assuredness, clarity of movement, passion, speed. Their Skate Canada performance had a worlds podium level vibe to it. I assume that 4CC would be an important outing for them. I wonder if Miura/Kihara & Chan/Howe would participate; it would be an interesting test for Deanna & Max to compete against these two teams again.
I'm looking forward to seeing these teams go head-to-head in the Grand Prix finals!


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Jan 3, 2007
Unfortunately I couldn't watch much of the pairs competition at NHK live, but hope I will somehow manage for the GPF. All the pairs who qualified are worthy of the final. They'll each bring their own special something and I'm sure it will be an exciting competition. I have to admit though, I have soft spot for MF Hase. A couple of years back, she used to compete (with her previous partner) with Ziegler/Kiefer for the bronze medals at the Senior Bs and I watched the "middle-of-the-pack" rivalry between the two teams biting my nails. Look how far she's made it since then!
If you only have time for one pair event then I suggest NHK pairs free. It was better skated than the sp.