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2024 Canadian Nationals: Skate Picks    Deadline: 2024-01-12 at 04:40 (UTC/GMT)

el henry

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Mar 3, 2014
@4everchan, I prefer the "Pewter Prince", which was the name for perennial 4th place finisher Grant Hochstein on US Nats podium:biggrin:

Congrats to all the medalists and particularly to *anyone* who medaled with these men's results. (although I will take the pairs and dance medals ;) )


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Jun 21, 2003
Thank you @Weathergal and congrats to all the medalists!

Also, a big welcome to @Reverie, @Cutting the ice and @Olly96 for entering the Hall of Fame! And well done, @AlexBreeze! You just leveled up to the Novice HOF for the first Crystal Ball award!

Stay tuned everyone - Only five left for the season!

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Sep 1, 2020
Gold for pairs. I'll take it. Men was a complete disaster.
Congrats on your gold in pairs! Remember, I told you not to be down on a past prediction contest, because you would win something next time! Voila! 🥳 For me, it's nice to get a silver in pairs, which honestly was more predictable than the other disciplines, at least re the top three teams.

Congrats to all the winning medalist predictors! So few winners in men, understandably. 😳

Cutting the ice

On the Ice
Nov 14, 2012
Overall Silver - very surprised. I think this is my first medal. Thank you for running the poll, it was fun! I see also Gold in pairs and dance and bronze in women’s. I will need to clear some space on my dresser! Totally out to lunch in men’s. Blame that on wishful thinking I guess.