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2024 European Championships Pairs Free Skate


Jun 26, 2012
I am happy for Lucrezia and Matteo. They had an excellent scate (and I happen to like the musical, though not a skating favourite for me). After all these years, and Matteo was not unsuccesful with Nicole, a gold. :points:. Too bad about the Georgians whom still get a silver. and I for one am happy for Rebecca and Filippo as well. They are always such fun to watch and this Dracula programme is fantastic for these two. Felt a bit sorry for Minerva Fabienne and Nikita though, but that's figure skating. They just didn't skate so well.

I hope I will get to see Michel and Daria soon. To 'The chain', a favourite to mine. The last time one of them fell. But being 8th is not bad for them at all.


Record Breaker
Jan 7, 2016
And France go down to 1 spot :(

I might show the Cats performance to my colleague. He's Italian and the same age as Matteo, hopefully he'll appreciate!
You've got me intrigued: Why would sharing the same nationality and age make someone appreciate a Cats FS programme? :D


Apr 23, 2017
What a great competition! Lucrezia whom I love since her first JGP is the European Champion! Ioulia and Michał in their first EC did so well that Poland has two spots for next year. Congratulations guys and just go forward and upward :)
(my neighbors are probably not happy of the noise I made tonight clapping and cheering :laugh:, but I must say I wasn't touched that much since Yuzuru won his second Olympic gold...).


On the Ice
Oct 7, 2008
I am not a fan of Barbara Fusar-Poli's programs. But this was surprising. I am glad for the two Italian teams. Rebecca seems to have managed the 3S and with the axels in combos counted at full value, G/A are competitive. Matteo has been to EC 8 or 9 times with Della Monica and not once on the podium. I guess it's the difference that a consistent partner can make, good for him. He is cute, but when he speaks, his voice sounds unexpectedly sharp.