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2024 Worlds: General Info and Pre-game chat


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Nov 12, 2012
My husband and I watched all of worlds and we were so happy for everybody who rec’d a flower crown. Hubby said ‘wow, such an amazing woman to gift the skaters like that”. I so agree! Bless you for caring for the skaters, regardless of whether or not they skated their best! ❤️❤️
Thank you so much, you and your husband!
I try my best to thank skaters in this 'personal/personalised' way for their effort put into making something dear to my heart on the ice. I often want them to feel appreciated and 'special', even if they have disappointing skate. Sometimes I imagine that they may look at those crowns, few words of gratitude I leave on the small card I'm now attaching to them and it picks them up the way their performances often help me to deal with challenging times in my life.
Plus people in Montreal were shocked it is all done by hand, but after the initial shock they often said to me that 'handmade gift is the best because it truly comes from the heart'. And it's very true for my case, those crowns do come from my heart :)


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Feb 4, 2012
Does anyone know where I can find the official theme song? Or if there is an official theme song, or this is an already existing piece of music? I mean that atmospheric song they always played during the countdown after ice resurfacing, with the beautiful stars/northern light animation, and I think during introduction of skaters. I think there were no lyrics, just a female voice. If someone knows what I mean, I would be thankful for an answer! :pray:


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Mar 7, 2015
I have a huge confession to make : never did I ever expect to see Northern lights in Downtown Montreal. I made fun of the concept of the marketing... Well... guess what, yesterday, we had them... It was amazing.... Of course, big solar storms happen frequently, but we do not see a thing in Montreal because of the city lights... we barely see stars.... yet, 30 minutes away from the city, it's easier to look at the starry skies... but yesterday, the solar storm was so big it triggered the most wonderful show of aurora borealis.
I was in awe. I couldn't get out of the city so I expected to not see anything but I told my friends to let me know if they saw things (those outside the city) and I started getting a bunch of messages with pictures... I went to my balcony, and there it was... I will not post a picture because that would automatically tell you pretty much where I live LOL yes, there is an iconic landmark in those pictures. You can look the internet if you are curious... but it was spectacular. And then, it hit me... Montreal Worlds' marketing wasn't a bluff after all ! LOL