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Akiko Suzuki


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Feb 4, 2012
Akiko got divorced last month. She sounds quite positive about the whole thing on her twitter, so it doesn't look too ugly, but I really hope she is alright!


Mar 21, 2005
Yes, very mesmerizing! She moves well to the music in her programs, and not everyone does that. I don't know if that's an issue with choreography, or if some people just can't make the movements look like a response to the music, or what, but she is definitely among those who can do it. I love the colors of the dress, too. Blue, green, and purple are my favorite colors, and that dress essentially covered all the bases.

I see from the bio page at the start of this thread that she had quite a long career and is much older than I had suspected. She is aging well and didn't look over 25 to me in the Fantasy on Ice show the other day. I wish the sport wasn't so heavily weighted towards youth, because I care much more for the artistry than the athleticism. The jumps are nice, and without them, it's ice dancing (which is fine, but it's not figure skating), but unless a skater can draw me in and make me feel what they're feeling, I don't really care much for the performance, and that artistry doesn't usually develop until they're a little older.

Until now, I have only watched skating during the Olympics, and aside from Katarina Witt, I have more or less only paid attention to American skaters, although there hasn't been one that I really liked since Sasha Cohen. I missed Suzuki's career entirely, but now I am watching a lot more. I watched Worlds, and I have watched a lot of YouTube videos and found some other skaters whom I like besides Medvedeva, and now I can add Suzuki to to the list even though she's retired, and hopefully, I won't miss another great talent since I won't just be watching during the Olympics anymore.

She is truly one of the best