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Alexander Samarin


Record Breaker
Dec 28, 2005
"We pick up the form from start to start and complicate the program." Coach Samarina summed up her performance in France

“Sasha is ambitious, and third place, of course, left a sediment,” said Sokolovskaya. - There was a chance, and I wanted to reach the final - this is not even discussed. Maybe it was not so clearly emphasized, because the health situation was not simple. Opponents are working, and we are treated."

The coach drew attention to the progress of Samarin. “Sasha is an athlete with a rod, he is a fighter, a man. I believe in him. And it is clear that he is gaining from start to start. We complicate the programs, we go to our goal - to make clean prokaty and add something with each start. Now we have done two quads in the short program. ”

“There are problems with cascades, they are much more difficult for him than he showed at this start,” said Sokolovskaya. - The goal is now the same: to show what he is already doing in training. In the short program it is a quadruple lutz - a triple toe loop and a quadruple toe loop. In general, he has such a set, and not what he did four - two. In arbitrary, too, we want to show our maximum set. We will try to do this at a tournament in Zagreb (December 5-8). ”

“In July, they didn’t know if we were going to perform at all”

The athlete's coach noted that the words of Samarin after rolling on the Grand Prix finals could be misunderstood. Sokolovskaya said that after the operation in July, the priority was the recovery and health of the athlete. “Maybe he was misunderstood or he didn’t put it that way about the tasks for the Grand Prix finals. The idea was that before the start of the season, in July all goals were reduced to health, because it was not completely clear whether Sasha would skate this season or not. But I know for sure that Sasha’s goals are the most extreme. ”

“When other athletes at the training camp are working, and we are recovering, not understanding whether we will perform or not, this goal is to recover by the season — she interrupted everything else. Imagine, there are fees, and the person is all in fixed bandages. Naturally, the first goal was to recover and generally continue to ride, ”the coach noted.



Final Flight
Sep 15, 2017
well... the only russian skaters in men that fought and never give up ... he deserves de medal...