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Ashley Wagner and the Olympics


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Dec 6, 2013
Which was crazy in it of itself. At least Yulia and Adelina were putting up results. Yeah Adelina choked huge at GPF but at least she made it there. Gracie seemingly gained points for Frank calling her nearest competitor a little girl. Gracie and Yulia were overscored for sure but I just don't know the reason behind Gracie's? She won the US Nats and that's it. So the magic PCS for her seems like the biggest :scratch: At least Yulia was making a name for herself and taking advantage of the opportunities afforded to her every step of the way to Sochi.

I still think if Kim had skated the GP the boost for the Russians would have been curbed to some extent. :slink:

Maybe there's some merit to that French newspaper article.

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Sep 14, 2008
CanadianSkaterGuy, you made 6 posts in a row. I don't think anything more needs to be said about the desperation and futility of your non-arguments. You're being worse than PangTongFan now and all for what? This is how everything you've been writing reads as: "I'm mad the American girl had a higher scoring potential than the Canadian girl and I'm going to ignore every statistic and trend and piece of math that makes me think about it."


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Apr 16, 2014
I tend to disagree with CSG on a lot of things (inevitable considering we dislike each other's favourite skaters :laugh:), but I think he makes some good points here.

Yes, Gracie had a "chance," for a gold. A chance that relied on five people bombing while she skated clean. Considering that Yuna will likely skate clean while Gracie herself will not, it's not a very good chance. As things stand, she ended up fourth after two of the five did bomb--but even if she hadn't fallen in the LP, she would've been left off the podium.

I'd say she had a chance to be on the podium, but I wouldn't call it a "high chance" by any means. She's no more consistent than the five people in front of her, and podium would require three of them to mess up.

Even with the magic PCS rise (for which I share CSG and Sam's consternation), she didn't podium, let alone gold. Seems like she was heavily advertised simply for being Frank Carroll's student and American.

Okay, now you can write me off as an angry Canadian the same way you dismissed CSG. Except my favourite female skater of all time happens to be American. ;) Of course, I'll admit, I never understood why some Canadian news outlets cheer on Americans like they're one of our own. I confess I've never done that (granted, never cheered much for Canadians either, but...)


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Apr 2, 2014
I would agree except Gracie herself hasn't skated a clean competition up to Sochi and even since. She's not a reliable competitor.

That didn't stop Sotnikova from delivering the goods. Or Kostner, who didn't even make the GPF while Adelina did.

Which is why your reasoning is laughable. Really. Laughable. Considering Gracie was skating quite well leading up to Sochi. Better than Kostner was Skating, for example.