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Australian figure skaters


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Feb 7, 2012
Australian Ice Dance Score Tracker
Five Australian Ice Dance couples have competed in the Senior Division this season.

1. Chantelle Kerry & Andrew Dodds (QLD) 2 Time National Champions; 2 Time World Team Members in Ice Dance; Top 10 at Four Continents

RD Score Tracker: 53.98 (2019 FCC) ---> (2019 CS Warsaw Cup) **ROCKY HORROR!!!!!
FD Score Tracker: 84.55 (2019 FCC) ---> (2019 CS Warsaw Cup)

2. Matilda Friend & William Badaoui (NSW) 3 Time National Junior Champions; Current National Silver Medallists; 4 Time Four Continents Team Members

RD Score Tracker: 49.39 (2019 CS Autumn Classic) ---> 53.43 (NSW Championships) ---> 54.55 (2019 CS Asian Trophy) ---> (2019 Nationals)
FD Score Tracker: 70.83 (2019 CS Autumn Classic) ---> 81.73 (NSW Championships) ---> 82.52 (2019 CS Asian Trophy) ---> (2019 Nationals)

3. India Nette & Eron Westwood (SA) Competing since 2018/19 season; Current National Bronze Medallists

RD Score Tracker: 37.35 (2019 CS Lombardia Trophy) ---> 33.29 (2019 CS Nebelhorn Trophy) ---> 41.41 (2019 Halloween Cup) ---> (2019 CS Warsaw Cup)
FD Score Tracker: 62.03 (2019 CS Lombardia Trophy) ---> 62.12 (2019 CS Nebelhorn Trophy) ---> 65.29 (2019 Halloween Cup) ---> (2019 CS Warsaw Cup)

4. Holly Harris & Jason Chan (VIC) Competing since 2019/20 Season
RD Score Tracker: 61.69 (Quebec Competition) ---> (2019 CS Warsaw Cup)
FD Score Tracker: ---> (2019 CS Warsaw Cup)

5. Brittany Ross & Jack Meyer (NSW)
RD Score Tracker: 30.20 (NSW Championships) ---> (2019 Nationals)?????
FD Score Tracker: 52.68 (NSW Championships) ---> (2019 Nationals)?????


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Oct 25, 2012
I was just looking at a friend's Facebook photos, and saw a photo of her with a skater whose name I didn't recognise. And when I clicked through to this skater's profile, this was their cover photo:


So, to kill some time during this extra-long off-season, who all can you name?

Please be aware that one of them is actually the mother of a skater (who, incidentally, is not in the photo). And another was not tagged, so I don't know who she is. But, the rest are all competitive skaters.

Don't know when or where this photo was taken. All I know is that it was uploaded in August 2016.



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Jan 1, 2013
Matthew and Jordan Dodds are the two boys under the flag on the far end. I think the blonde girl next to Jordan is Paris Stephens, Matthew's then-pairs-partner.

I don't recognise any of the others and I am not sure it is really that appropriate to guess.