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camerawork at worlds


Record Breaker
Aug 1, 2011
Good - something needs to be said. I would think with the amount they charge for tickets at Worlds, the powers that be could afford someone professional operating the camera.

Even though it didn't spoil my overall viewing of the event, it was during men's free and ice dance free that it struck me that this was unusually bad camerawork, really not acceptable.

I actually do not recall any bad camerawork during the Olympics, though. I can't commit on Helsinki because I was actually there and did not see many replays.

I recall in the past, the camerawork was so bad at one event that it kept doing close-ups of the skater's legs during spins. C'MON, that detracts so much from the overall effect, you need to SEE the entire body position!

Please note: I sent a complaint to Eurosport about the Australian woman who kept talking during the performances at the Olympics. They responded REALLY quickly and said that they hoped it hadn't spoiled my viewing. I thought that was good customer service. OK they weren't gonna replace her but the fact that they responded like that meant a lot.

Maybe if an email was sent to Eurosport it would be passed on to the responsible party?

You'd be better off sending an email to Fuji TV saying you will be boycotting all of their products if they continue to yank skating videos off YouTube.

It's always and only about the money honey.


Final Flight
Mar 1, 2010
Ditto to what has been said!
I found myself really getting annoyed during Saw/Mass LP during the last 30 seconds when I really wanted to see one particular pose and the camera went overhead. It was absolutely something that should have been seen from the side! And then the 30-rows-up stuff was more like a fan cam!
And yet, whenever there was a messy performance, the camera was certainly able to do close=ups!
When Zag. fell repeatedly, the camera was practically going up her nostrils! That approach really makes me sick! What next? They'll follow somebody into the washroom? Oh wait, that has already happened.