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Grand Prix Predictions Game 2014-2015 Round 2: Skate Canada


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Nov 13, 2012
I was so proud of myself after Skate America...and then Skate Canada happened. :bang: I don't know exactly what went wrong but it was a good reminder to not to doubt the majority opinion about skaters I don't know! My rebel side just has a problem with me copying someone else's predictions, even if they match what I think will happen :laugh:

One of the reasons why I try to avoid reading anyone else's predictions before posting my own. It's easier for me that way - of course, by how "swimmingly" things are - not!;) - going for me, it's not necessarily something I'm recommending. But I find I'm more comfortable myself this way. :)


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Nov 13, 2012

Okay, you all know by now that this was not exactly a high-scoring discipline. The median score was ....30.

So special props to this weeks men winners:

The winner is Debrah, who scored 60 points!

Silver medal with 50 points go to: snowflake, [email protected], rosacotton, Mrs. P (no insider tips, I promise), gallvich, el henry and alebi!

Bronze medal with 45 points go to: Totentanz, StitchMonkey, lightsout and FIREBIRD

Men standing after two events:
1st: semosk8fan and [email protected], 110 points
2nd: snowflake and lightsout, 105 points
3rd: Totentanz, StitchMonkey, Sam-Skwantch, katmari, HR4, gallavich, FSGMT and el henry, 100 points

And for the Skate Canada winners and event standings, go here:

Thank you Mrs P! (beams) - and no thanks to the men! (glowers)


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Apr 16, 2014
Thank you to all the scorers!

Hi everyone! :) After an eventful weekend (that included my own skating competition!), I'm finally here to post the Ladies results; I had already put the scores in the spreadsheet yesterday evening, but I was really tired and (as some of you correctly pointed out) I made some mistakes here and there, especially in the last ones. I apologize for them, now I've checked them and I hope everything is fine... Anyway, let me know if you find some mistakes left
About the scores: it was quite a meltdown for basically all of us, especially because of Leonova's low placement and Hongo in the top5. Because of this, we don't have perfect scores at all, and the ranking is this:
First place with 60 points goes to Sandpiper and sequinsgalore :clap:
Second place with 55 points goes to Bea, HR4, MsLiinaLii, travis porter
Third place with 50 points goes to... 18 of us :laugh:
Congrats to everyone and... see you after China!
Woah, I didn't see that coming! Even more reason to love the ladies. :)


Pray one day we'll open our eyes.
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Mar 26, 2014
Leaders of overall ICE DANCE predictions discipline after 2 events:
1) 130 points: mustafakent, HR4.
2) 125 points: Snow63, cjmorton29, 96skiluvr.
3) 120 points: YesWay, nipman, gallavich.
And 17 more people have 115 points.