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ICE DANCE - Short Dance


Mar 2, 2011
Well, I read it at Ice Dance -FD page 18: " The guest commentator who is an international judge said on Hungarian Eurosport that P/B are going to Krylova/Camerlengo. " by tralfamodorian.

Many russian medias published that it is true.

And also they published reaction of Zhulin on this fact:

Bourzat and Pechalat under pressure of France Federation of figure skating on Sunday announced the decision to move to train in the U.S. in another group of Russian specialists - Angelika Krylova, which works together with her husband Pasquale Camerlengo. French couple, who worked with Zhulin, helped another of his pupils - Helen Il'inykh and Nikita Katsalapovu, who on Saturday took seventh place at the World Championships in Moscow.
"It's okay for them to find other sparring partners. While I can not say who it is. We think," - said Zhulin told R-Sport.
Commenting on the decision of French figure skaters, Zhulin said, "does not condemn them and keeps them evil."
"They have not coped with the competition and the pressure of the French federation. I think I gave them everything I could, and the results have been achieved are very good. The fact that they fell yesterday - just an accident. I wish them only the best of luck in the future, "- said the Russian expert.
At the 2011 World Cup Pechalat and Bourzat was the fourth.
Zhulin said that has not yet had time to discuss with his French students all the circumstances of their departure.
"Even yesterday, they wanted to talk to me, called me on the French party. But I'm at the moment was at home and was awfully tired. Therefore said I can not come. Therefore, a full-fledged conversation with them did not work. But never mind, the time for this else will, "- said the coach.