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Interview with Meryl & Charlie's Moms


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Nov 14, 2007

Yeah, I know...when anniversaries get nearer; such as birthdays or wedding anniversaries, the more time we would spend thinking of the lost ones...
The first year is the hardest, of course. But we rather want to stay home and spend our time thinking of them, praying for them, talking to them, and talking about them with the rest of family members, anyway, on such days. I believe this is good in a way for us, because we at least have someone else within the family and can share the same feeling. Even though we have to face the fact and it saddens us once again, I see it as a necessary and (probably) proper process towards healing. The second year a little better, I can assure you from my experience. As time goes by, and as much time we get to spend thinking of them and talking about them within the family, there comes the time, at some point, when we somehow can manage ourselves again, recall good memories of the lost ones that make us smile, or even end up bringing some funny memories that we all can laugh at. Takes time, though, and naturally so.

On the other hand, what is the harder is probably (and at least for me still) when specific days and occasions for family/friend reunion for everyone get nearer; such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, Easter, Thanksgivings and Christmas...Knowing we just can't stay home forever, we go out and run up against flowers, cards, sweets and Christmas decorations, whether or not we want it...No one's fault of course, but on such occasions we may feel so isolated from the rest of the worlds as if we were left alone in the vast universe.

Sorry it's OT and getting long again. My point is my prayers are with you, Olympia and sillylionlove! :yes:

OK, back to topic!

I love the way how Mrs. Davis and Mrs. White reacted to all those questions. They are so adorable!

It's amaging how openly, frankly, or even humorously, and never souding disageeably or sarcastically with no catty remarks, they could talk about Meryl and Charlie as their own child and as a competitive skater, about their programs and costumes, about other skaters, their coaches and its relationships.

What made me laugh is the second question was actually about costume disasters! :laugh:

In our culture, none of any skaters' mother, regardless they are elite ones or not, would have expected such a question as the second one, and never picked up the word 'disaster' themselves even if asked with the same word by the interviewer.

Besides, and to be more serious, skaters' parents in general are probably not in a position to have a say or naysay against coaches and/or the federation and tend to leave everything to those who are professional, unless of course something important/critical issues get involved; such as injury and other health issues, harassment or abuse.

If I were the skater's mom and whose costume was indeed a disaster to the eyes of everyone, including myself, I probably would have needed to say like this, "I like the costume for my daughter of course. Perfectly fine. They are professional and I am not after all. They always knew much better than I. I am merely the skater's mother, you know...but if you ask me...though I may be not in a position to advocate any of my preference for my daughter's would have looked a little better and probably appreciated much more if its color should have been a little lighter for her tone of skin, I would say..."
It would have lasted forever and would have talked nothing but costume the whole time.

And in your culture, one simple sentence; "Yes, that costume was a 'disaster'." "Let's move to the next question!" :laugh:

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Feb 27, 2012
Jacqui White ‏@jacqwhi
"Had so much fun at the Dance Camp, Cheryl & I are ready to take on more speaking engagements after the fun we had at the Parents Seminar"
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