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Isabeau Levito


Power without conscience is a savage weapon
Mar 3, 2015
Isabeau astonishes me every time I see her not only for her technical side but the artistic balletic side is absolutely divine. This is the future.. combining tech and art seamlessly. She is the front runner for a new vision of figure skating and I am grateful to have witnessed her performances..


On the Ice
Feb 13, 2018
She actually seemed a bit faster today than at her last JGP. Also her solo jumps in the first half looked quite good to me, it's the combos where she really has that bad posture. I hope she can fix that. Everything else was stunning :love: Her programs are amazing. The attention to detail is unmatched in the current ladies field in my opinion


Record Breaker
Apr 26, 2018
Flutter!!! Did you go to Linz? How was it?
I did! And it was amazing. Isabeau especially has quite the gift at engaging the crowd. She was charismatic, looked directly at the judges (and us) and performed every moment of her program. I wasn‘t a fan before, but I think I am now:laugh: :love2:

I really hope she manages to improve those combos (they looked scary even live) because she‘s got it all and I want her to have a bright future.